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If you’ve ever used the Quillbot paragraph writing tool, then you know it’s really good. It does an excellent job of rewriting paragraphs, including the ability to set different tones and a slider for swapping in less or more synonyms. With these options and excellent AI, the Paragraph Quillbot tool is arguably the best on the market at rewriting and reworking paragraphs. 

At Wordbot, we as a tool are much younger and not quite as good – yet. We don’t have any bells and whistles like paraphrasing by mood or swapping in more or less synonyms. But, we do we have good and improving artificial intelligence rewriting capabilities. The bells and whistles will come, but we first want to continue to improve our AI.

Quillbot Paragraph Rewriting Vs Wordbot Paragraph Rewriting

To have some fun and test our rewriting capabilities against one of the best in the world, lets rewrite some paragraphs using the Quillbot tool and then rewrite those same paragraphs using the Wordbot tool. We’ll leave Quillbot’s Mode on standard and its Synonym setting on default. Wordbot doesn’t have different settings for mood or synonyms. After rewriting, we’ll compare the results and see how Wordbot stacks up.

Original Paragraphs


These reusable pallets could save millions of trees from being felled

The UK construction industry gets through 18m wooden pallets annually, most of which are used only once. This firm has a solution.

An innovation targeting the wasting of pallets in construction has won support from some of the sector’s key players.

Some 18m wooden pallets – requiring a total 6,000 acres of forestry – are manufactured for use by the UK’s building industry each year. But estimates suggest 90 per cent are used only once and make up a tenth of the sector’s waste stream.

Quillbot Paragraphs

Quillbot Paragraph Writing

Millions of trees may be saved if these reusable pallets were used.

The building industry in the United Kingdom uses 18 million wooden pallets per year, the most of which are only used once. This company provides a solution for you.

Some of the industry's biggest names have backed a new initiative aimed at reducing pallet waste in construction.

Each year, 18 million wooden pallets are produced for use in the UK's construction industry, needing 6,000 acres of forests.

** I hit Quillbot’s free limitation without creating an account, so I could paraphrase the last sentence.

Wordbot Paragraphs

Wordbot Paragraph Writing

Reusable pallets could help save millions of trees from being cut down.

The UK construction industry uses 18 million wooden pallets each year, most of which are tossed after use. This company has a solution.

Some of the sector’s key players have voiced support for an innovation targeting wasted pallets.

The UK's building industry requires about six thousand acres of forestry, each year, to produce some 18m wooden pallets. However, estimates suggest 90% of all pallets are used just once and make up 10% of the waste stream.

Quillbot vs Wordbot | Discussing the Results

If I were to assign a winner, I’d call it a tie with advantage to Quillbot. When reviewing the test results, the Wordbot paragraphs were just as well written as the Quillbot paragraphs. Going paragraph by paragraph, here’s how I would score it.

Paragraph 1 – A Tie

The first paragraph, which was ultimately a headline, both Wordbot and Quillbot produced a fine rewrite. I see no reason to score one tool over the other.

The Second Paragraph, Another Tie

Again, both Wordbot and Quillbot produced stellar rewrites. The paragraph consisted of two sentences and both tools paraphrased beautifully while keeping the original meaning in tact. Personally, I think Wordbot’s paragraph is better than Quillbot’s paragraph, but I’m chalking that to personal preference and thus calling paragraph two a tie.

Paragraph 3, Slight Advantage Quillbot

The third paragraph, which is actually a single sentence, I call a tie with slight advantage to Quillbot. Both tools produced a good rewrite, but the Quillbot paragraph kept the word “construction”, while Wordbot dropped it. Although the word can be dropped and the meaning holds,  feel leaving it further clarifies the sentence.

Paragraph 4, Slight Advantage Quillbot

Paragraph four was interesting. First, I hit Quillbot’s non-user limitation so I couldn’t finish the rewrite. Secondly, for the last sentence that included percentages, Wordbot produced poor rewrites the first go around. After running it through a second time, Wordbot produced the sentence you see in the sample above, which was pretty good. I’m sure Quillbot would have produced a good rewrite, so that is why I give them the advantage on this paragraph. If I hadn’t hit their limit, I would have probably given them the outright win, but I don’t know for sure they would have produced a good rewrite.

Final Conclusion

By a small margin, Quillbot is the better rewrite tool. Wordbot not only held its own, but as you read above is capable of producing as good if not better rewrites than Quillbot. What’s most encouraging for us at Wordbot is we’ve only been launched for 4 months while Quillbot has been around awhile and is regarded as the best.

Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence has proved in this test that it can hang with the best. As we continue to improve and refine upon our AI, I have no doubt that we will not only compete with the best, but will be the best. Exciting times ahead for Wordbot and our users, thanks for reading.

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