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Rephrasing Paragraph Tool Examples

Looking for a rephrasing paragraph tool? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. is a website capable of rephrasing entire articles in seconds. It takes a unique sentence-by-sentence approach so you can review all the rephrases, choosing the ones you believe are best.  In this blog post, we’re going to give you a sneak peak of wordbot’s rephrasing capabilities by rephrasing a few paragraphs and showing the results.

If you instead would like to see in-depth, step-by-step instructions (including screenshots of wordbot’s rephrasing paragraph tool in action) check out our article titled Rephrase My Paragraph.

Without further ado, let’s get started using the rephrasing paragraph tool. We will randomly pull some paragraphs from, which is a website about startups. We’ll rephrase them using wordbot’s gpt3 ai. Like many other posts in our rewrite series, we’ll show you the original paragraphs, rewritten paragraphs, and provide notes on the results. Below is our first example.

Rephrasing Paragraph Tool | Example 1

Original Paragraph

Before we spend a dime on building anything, we’re first going learn how to assess the feasibility and viability of our startup idea to see whether we should forge ahead with confidence, pivot, or go back to the drawing board altogether. This should always be the first step for every Founder who is considering pursuing an idea.

Rephrased Paragraph

Before we spend a dime on building anything, let's first learn how to assess the feasibility and viability of our startup idea in order for us know for sure whether what we're doing is wise or not. All Founders should do this as one of the first steps in consideration of a new idea.


Our rephrased paragraph comes in at 54 words, 3 under the original paragraph’s 57. However, as you can see our rewrite is much shorter. Often times I’ll run a paragraph through the reprhasing tool multiple times to get the best rewrite, but I only ran this through one time because I was happy with the rewrite. 

If I were actually rewriting this paragraph, I would probably run it through a few more times to see if I can get even better rewrites. Or, use the existing rewrite but manually edit it to change a few things such as replacing the large words feasibility and viability and maybe rewording the sentence “spend a dime” to “spend a cent” or “blow our hard-earned money”.

Rephrasing Paragraph Tool | Example 2

Original Paragraph

Perfect ideas don’t exist because—until you put them into the real world—they’re just concepts. In the real world your idea will get beat up a thousand times until it barely resembles whatever is in your head right now. We get caught up in the notion that if the idea in our head doesn’t check all the right boxes, then there must be a good reason to hold back. This leads us to the worst place—because actually getting started is what leads you to the right variation of your idea—not the mental exercise of just thinking about it.

Rephrased Paragraph

Perfect ideas don't exist because they're just concepts until you put them into the real world. In the real world, your idea will get beaten up thousands of times until it scarcely resembles what’s currently in your head. We get caught up in the temptation to hold back because our idea doesn't check all the right boxes. This leads to the worst place because actually getting started is what leads you to the right variation of your idea—not just thinking about it.


Wow, our rewrite came in at 83 words to the original 100! In the rephrased paragraph, we managed to keep the original meaning the exact same while using 17 less words. That’s an awesome rewrite – one that kept the original meaning yet was more succinct in getting it across to the reader. 

Full disclosure, I did run this one through the rephrasing paragraph tool three times. The first two rewrites weren’t bad, but I knew the tool could do better. The third, the one listed above, was money in the bank! 

Rephrasing Paragraph Tool | Example 3

Original Paragraph

Just because your idea doesn’t seem novel enough doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea. Most great ideas are simply iterations of an earlier idea. It’s not novelty that wins, it’s how you execute on the version you care about. While we tend to get enamored with perfect ideas that are totally original - the truth is that there are so many good ideas out there, dying to be improved upon. This includes your own.

Rephrased Paragraph

You shouldn't dismiss your idea because it may not seem novel enough. Most famous ideas are simply the product of an earlier idea. It's not a new idea that will win, it's how you execute on the idea that matters. We tend to get enamored with perfect ideas that are totally original, but the truth is there are many good ideas out there, waiting to be improved upon. Including yours.


The original paragraph was 74 words and the rephrased paragraph was 70. Like the previous paragraph, I ran this one through a few times. As we do these rewrite test blog posts, one thing I’ve noticed with wordbot’s V6 GPT3 prompt is that it seems to provide the best rewrites the second and third time around. As the developer of the rephrasing paragraph tool, I’m going to see what I can do to deliver the quality of the second and third times the first time. It’s silly to make you have to run the tool 2 – 3 times every time you want to rephrase a paragraph. I think it’s happening because gpt3 learns as we feed it text, so the second and third time around it has a much better understanding of what you need.


As you saw above, wordbot’s rephrasing paragraph tool is capable of producing very high quality paragraph rewrites. We’ve only been launched for a handful of months and continue to  improve our ai technology, but already we’re producing practical rephrases that can help you improve your writing and productivity. Thanks for following along and visit to learn more about its full slate of features or to signup and begin using it.

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