Google Chrome won’t load webpages, but Safari will

Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
11/7/23 in
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Google Chrome breaks on your Macbook. Regardless of having a working internet connection and Safari loads pages fine, Chrome will not load a webpage, but just spins on everything. Restarting your computer, etc does not fix it.


The routing is corrupt. Keep in mind, some people have a modem / router combo and some a separate router and separate modem, so the below steps may vary based on your setup. I’ve taken several users through these steps and it has resolved the issue every time.

  • Power down your Macbook
  • Unplug wireless router
  • Unplug internet modem
  • Wait 10 seconds, plug modem back in
  • Then plug router back in
  • Power up your Macbook
  • Chrome should now work again

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