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Welcome to our newsletter, where we share the latest insights and trends in SEO, AI, and entrepreneurship. In this issue, we have curated two articles for each of these topics that were recently published. We round the newsletter out with the last 5 published articles from our blog. Have a great weekend 🙂


7 ChatGPT Browser Extensions for SEO

ChatGPT can streamline search engine optimization. Browser extensions help by creating better SEO-related prompts and quicker ChatGPT access. What follows are seven browser extensions for ChatGPT. I tested each in either Firefox or Chrome, but I caution against using all of them simultaneously owing to potential conflicts. Pick those that fit your routine and setup.

Yoast SEO Founders Invest in WordPress Accessibility Plugin

Free WordPress accessibility plugin identifies issues across entire site. The founders of Yoast SEO plugin announced an investment in a WordPress accessibility plugin that scans and reports on accessibility issues and makes it easy to troubleshoot entire websites.


$335,000 Pay for ‘AI Whisperer’ Jobs Appears in Red-Hot Market

The fast-growing apps have created a seller’s market for anyone – even liberal arts grads – capable of manipulating its output.

Tech pioneers call for six-month pause of “out-of-control” AI development

The call to action follows rising concerns over the potential risks of powerful new generative AI systems


Bootstrapping a coaching success story | The story of Bettercoach

Bootstrapping is a funding journey many entrepreneurs and startups take. It reflects the hustle, grit and determination needed to build a startup. A company that is bootstrapped takes on little or no external funding, relying on pulling together personal savings, initial revenue generated, or other non-traditional sources of capital.

How Fellow bootstrapped for 8 years to build a coffee empire

And how it had to go back to the drawing board on a $10 million product. A decade ago, a little coffee company launched a Kickstarter campaign for a product called Duo, a coffee maker that’s the best of both worlds: a cross between a French press and a pour-over.


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