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Kevin Sims
6/6/22 in

Happy monday and hope you had a good weekend. I had the joy of spending the weekend playing with the kids. Don’t want to take up too much of your time but wanted to drop by and share some of the great things going on at Wordbot. Hope you enjoy reading this newsletter with that great cup of coffee….or juice


Here are some of the top articles from wordbot over the last week. These articles cover topics about ai content generation and more.


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Product Updates

Wordbot is constantly being updated daily to help provide businesses with better seo generated content. View some of the top updates from the month of May.

  • Updated Wordbot to newer / latest GPT-3 AI engine.
  • Added a search box to our Support tab so users can easily search the Help Docs.
  • Formatting now stays when copying content that hasH1 and H2 headings and are rewritten in the editor.
  • completed the final touches on the ai article generator that now creates blogs in less than 5 minutes.

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Thanks for taking the time to read all the great new things happening here at wordbot. Your always welcome to email me personally if you have any questions at and ill be sure to respond back to you directly on any questions you may have. 

Kevin Sims
Co-Founder @ Wordbot

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