July 2022 Software Release Notes

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Adam VanBuskirk
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Release Notes

Below are the official July 2022 release notes for wordbot.io .

We put a lot of work into wordbot in July. As you’ll see below, we added a number of new Creator features and launched a Freemium user tier with easy upgrade to different usage limits. With our new pricing model and no credit card registration, we’ve made even easier for you to demo our product with no risk. As of now, our Freemium tier offers 4K free words each and every month with the ability to upgrade to a paid plan with higher word limits for as little as $2.99.

In August, we’ll continue to add new Creator features in addition to working on the existing ones we have to make them even better both in terms of usability and AI quality.

July Product Enhancements

  • REFACTOR – No credit card required for signup – we now offer a Freemium version of the product
  • REFACTOR – Software now opens to the Creator launchpad, not the Text Editor
  • FEATURE – Implemented Tiered pricing structure based on word limits
  • REFACTOR – Changed the terms of service to reflect the new Freemium & Paid pricing structure
  • FEATURE – Added Usage to Settings tab so users can see their word counts (usage) by feature
  • BUG – Fixed bug of outline not working on article writer when skipping directly to the outlines tab
  • FEATURE – Added a Subheading generator
  • FEATURE – Added a Paragraph Generator, including several enhancements to it after the fact
  • FEATURE – Added a PAS Copywriting Framework Generator
  • FEATURE – Added message banner to the top of the software for freemium users
  • FEATURE – Added an Email Drip Campaign Generator
  • REFACTOR – Added the ability to move the outlines in the article writer up and down
  • REFACTOR – Offer discount off if a freemium user upgrades their plan within 1 hour of signup
  • FEATURED – Added a Quora Answers Generator
  • REFACTOR – Improved error messages for users trying to upgrade their plan, but having credit card issues
  • FEATURED – Added a Passive to Active Voice Generator

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