April 2022 Software Release Notes

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Adam VanBuskirk
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Release Notes

Below are the official April 2022 release notes for wordbot.io

  • REFACTOR – Changed the Text Summarizer to use GPT-3.
  • FEATURE – Changed the Text Summarizer to be multi-lingual like the Paraphraser.
  • FEATURE – Added the ability to paraphrase text all at once by clicking a button. Previously it had to be done sentence by sentence using the sentence rewriter.
  • BUG FIX – Fixed incorrect text highlighting when toggling between the Highlight Sentence / Highlight Entire Article buttons.
  • FEATURE – Added word stats to the Editor, including Page Count, Paragraph Count, Word Count, Character Count, and Character Count Excluding Spaces.
  • REFACTOR – Removed the 30 character limitation for file names.
  • REFACTOR – Added the Scrub Images button back to the Editor. This button will quickly strip images and iFrames from your imported content for faster rewriting.
  • REFACTOR – The synonym swapping feature was improved. It now understands the context around the word being replaced. For example, if replacing the word “sole”, it will give different synonyms for “The sole of the shoe was worn” and “He was the sole heir”.
  • FEATURE – Find and Replace All feature added to quickly replace words and phrases, such as swapping SEO keywords.
  • BUG FIX – Fixed bug in Stripe subscription system.
  • BUG FIX – Fixed bug that created duplicate success / error toast notifications.
  • REFACTOR – Added the ability to have duplicate file names in support of the new autosave feature.
  • FEATURE – Added toggle to Settings screen so new Word Stats feature is optional. it is on by default.
  • FEATURE – Added autosave to the Editor. If a file name is entered, users’ files will now autosave.
  • FEATURE – Added new WordPress integration – the ability in the Settings tab to connect your WordPress blog to wordBot.
  • FEATURE – Added the ability to publish your wordBot article to your WordPress blog as a draft or published post. This feature is in the Export window and can be opened using the Import / Export tab in the Editor.
  • REFACTOR – Improved SEO page titles and descriptions.
  • FEATURE – Allow user to change their credit card on file from the Settings tab.
  • REFACTOR – Only allow one free trial per user.
  • FEATURE – Added the ability to import WordPress posts into wordBot using the Import window, which can be accessed from the Import / Export tab in the Editor.

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