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Each time you run a competitor analysis on your tracked keyword, SEO Insights takes a snapshot of your rank position in Google. It also snapshots your SEO Insights score. These snapshots are shown under the History tab in the graphs section of the software.

The window shows each date you ran a competitor analysis, and the Google position bucket your webpage is in (which ranges from 50+, 40-49, 30-39, 20-29, 10-19, and 1-9). It also shows the exact position of your webpage followed by your SEO Insights Score, which is the score of your webpage compared to the top 10 ranked webpages.

Notice in the example below, I ran a competitor analysis for this keyword on 1/7/23, 1/17/23, and 3/11/23. My webpage has been in the top 10 Google results all 3 times it was analyzed, with it originally in position 1 (this was after I used SEO Insights to improve it) then on 1/27 it dropped to 3, and on 3/11 it sets at position 6.

Also notice its SEO Insights scores were 100, 59, and 88. This score represents how well you’ve optimized your webpage against the other top 10 websites. It can change based on the position of your webpage, new competitor webpages entering the top 10, and changes in you and your competitors’ webpage content.

View your historical serp ranking for a webpage

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