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Adam VanBuskirk
3/11/23 in
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Keyword density is the amount of times a specific word shows up in your content. It is viewed as a percentage of the entire word count. Densities are useful in content writing and SEO for several reasons.

  • Identify the important keywords and phrases of your competitors’ content
  • Ensure you don’t accidentally keyword stuff your content
  • Ensure you are using your keywords and phrases enough
  • Use them to match the densities of your competitors’ content

How to view the densities

  1. Login to your SEO Insights account
  2. Run a competitor analysis if you haven’t already
  3. Click the graphs button on the article and navigate to the Keyword Analysis tab
  4. Toggle on Show Density (the top-right of the heat map)
  5. The keyword heat map will now show densities as percentages instead of concrete counts

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