Quickly View the Median Keyword Count Across All Keywords Across All SERPs 

Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
3/10/23 in
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Today we deployed a few small enhancements to our keyword heat map within our SEO Insights Tool.

The first was some keyword cleanup regarding singular and plural keywords. We refactored the heat map so it will combine the plural versions of keywords with the singular versions and report the count as one keyword. This makes the keyword heat map much easier to analyze. 

The other enhancement we added is the median keyword count. This helps you understand the largest keyword counts across all SERPs. For example, when optimizing your webpage, one approach is to tackle the keyword counts of the top-rated SERP. However, you might want to instead tackle the keywords that all the SERPs use most, which can be quite different than the top result. This median helps you do that quickly and easily.

Below is an example of the new Median column

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