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Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
10/24/21 in
Founders Journal

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As we continue to transition Wordbot from a MVP (minimal viable product) to a best in class paraphrasing tool, we will be investing a lot of time, money, and energy into redesigning our tool from the ground up. These investments have already begun and will primarily take place in two areas – the user experience and artificial intelligence (AI).

Below are some improvements from our last software development sprint.


We combined our Paraphraser, Summarizer, and Keyword Extractor into a single interface that we now call the Editor. This allows you to perform your work in a single, simple-to-use user interface.

Easily Import and Export Content

Within the editor, we added the ability to quickly import, export, and share content. We wanted you to have the ability to easily get content in and out of the tool.

From Basic to Rich Text Editor

We implemented a rich text editor. This allows you to work directly in the Wordbot editor and gives you the ability to create and format compelling content. The editor supports HTML so you can easily port your content to web pages. The HTML support also sets us up very nicely for our SEO Optimization feature that will be coming to Wordbot in the future.

Below are some AI improvements that will be coming in future sprints

A Better AI Transformer

Our paraphraser uses 3rd party APIs that utilize GPT-2 technology, which is a good but dated AI transformer. We recently got approval to use GPT-3. It’s the latest transformer and has much greater word-processing capabilities. As we improve Wordbot, our goal is to stop using 3rd party APIs and use our own prompts and models with GPT-3. 

Improving Our Knowledge

We at Wordbot have a lot of learning to do. We’re tech guys with development and cloud infrastructure backgrounds. That’s a far cry from data scientists and AI experts. As we continue down the path of providing the world with the absolute best paraphrasing tool, we will seek to dramatically improve our knowledge of AI, specifically in terms of building prompts and models that can provide our customers with the best results when paraphrasing, rewriting, and spinning content.

Staying True to Our Goal

As we move down the path of continuous improvement with the goal to have the best paraphrasing tool in the world, I’ll continue to share posts like this. We have much work to do and the process of improving never ends, but we are very excited about how far we’ve come in the past month and we’re just getting started!

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