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Trying to determine the best article length for seo has become one of the most asked questions. Over the years there has been no one answer to this question. The best article length for SEO will vary depending on factors such as the specific situation and goals of your website.

However, a good starting point is having about 500 words so that your content is not too thin. While longer articles can sometimes be more successful, One of the biggest questions you must ask is who is the audience you’re writing for. Your audience could be younger, older and depending on your topic users could be looking for short and to the point answers.

Ultimately, the best advice is to experiment and see what works best for your website. There is no one magic number, and the best way to find out is to try different lengths and see what generates the most traffic and leads. In this article we will talk about some things to go over when deciding on what is the best article length for seo.

The Pros and Cons of Writing Long and Short Articles for SEO

Writing long or short articles will depend on your many factors. Long articles make for great

Pros of writing long articles

Longer articles help cover topics more in depth. Topics that are informational and require a deep knowledge tend to go better with longer articles. If your content goes well with longer text and users who show up to your site to get a lot of information on a topic dont get that information, they will start to go elsewhere.

When writing longer articles, you will likely start to rank for a wider variety of keywords. Longer articles allow you to talk about a variety of topics and sub topics. When your article start to rank, tools like Wordbot will allow you to see more keywords you are ranking for you may not be aware of.

wordbot keyword analysis
wordbot keyword analysis

Longer articles when written will tend to be attractive for backlinks from other websites. Great articles can make for good resources for other websites to link to.

Cons of writing long articles

Long articles can be very time consuming to write. If your audience is not the type to read longer articles, you can scare a lot of people away. When writing long articles, it can be tough to not ramble and start to talk about things that are not relevant to the subject matter.

If having a problem finding enough information to talk about, its usually good to write out notes about your topic and to consistently make sure your staying on topic.

With longer articles you may also notice a higher bounce rate just due to readers losing interest in continuing to read. That’s why its best to test article length and continue to watch your website stats.

Pros of writing short articles

Shorter articles can be quicker to write and edit. Readers can easily digest the content that they are reading. If users are looking for answers to problems fast, shorter articles allow for that to happen.

When creating an article that is shorter, it could help get the content online and then come back later to update with more content.

Cons of writing short articles

Short articles may not be able to cover an entire topic in depth. This will lead to users bouncing and not coming back. You may also be less likely to compete with a wide variety of keywords.

To many keywords stuffed into a short article can lead to search engines not moving you towards the top. Ultimately the best approach is to make sure that the article is engaging and easy to read when writing short articles.

What Factors Affect the Length of Your Articles

There are several factors that can affect the best article length for seo. Following these factors can help make sure you create the right length for your blog article.

  • Topic: The complexity of the topic will help determine if the article needs to be very long or short.
  • Audience: Understanding your audience will help determine if your readers like to read long or short articles. Younger users tend to stray away from consuming too much reading vs older users
  • Purpose: What is the purpose of your article? For example informational articles may require your add a lot more information to read whereas a review on a product to sell may be short and quick
  • Formatting: Depending on the article’s format you may not need a lot of content. For example if you paired a video along with the content you may not need to explain everything in detail.
  • SEO: Make sure to adjust the articles length to match the users intent. Look at other articles on that same keyword others are writing about. If everyone is writing short or long articles, then that could be something to keep an eye on.
  • Time: Longer articles will need more time for research than a shorter article.

Top 10 writing tips to get the best article length for seo

Writing can be very difficult to do. For somebody who may not be a natural writer these top 10 writing tips will help make sure you get the best article length needed to help your content rank.

  1. First you want to start with a clear outline of what you will be writing about. Make a note of the key points of the article. This will help keep you focused on the main objective of the article. It will also make sure you cover all the necessary information
  2. Then you want to break up your text into relevant headings and subheadings. This will help the reader be able to scan the article faster for the information they need
  3. Also make sure to include images and videos if the article goes well with it. Media can help keep the reader engaged.
  4. Add links (internal and external) to help your readers navigate your site and provide information on topics you may not be able to fully talk about in your article.
  5. Make sure to get the most out of your keywords. Keywords should fit naturally in your article.
  6. Use keywords that are related to your primary keywords. This will help your article rank for other keywords that people may be looking for that relate to your article.
  7. A lot of blogging platforms have this build in, but make sure to use schema markup. This helps provide additional information to search engines about your article and the type of content you provide
  8. Then make sure to proofread and edit everything more than 1 time. Too many grammar and spelling errors can make it difficult for readers to get a smooth reading experience.
  9. Make sure to optimize your article’s images, title tags and descriptions with relevant keyword information
  10. Lastly promote and share your article. Although this may not help increase the page length, this will get your article in front of people to help gauge how users interact with the information your provided in the length of time.


Remember that longer articles are not always better and it’s important to match the article length with the intent of the user. There is no one definitive answer to what the best article length for seo is.

The best length will vary depending on the article topic, the target audience, and the specific SEO efforts that are being undertaken.

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