How to Get Backlinks using Quora?

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Many people believe that if they write and post high-quality content on their websites or blog, people will come and start reading it. But it is not true, especially when you have a new website. Only when your website has authority, search engines like Google will display your content on the first page of Google. Only then your post will receive more organic traffic. So, in order to build this authority, you need to build backlinks.

When you build backlinks, you must get them from good quality websites. Quora is one such place that you can use to drive traffic to your website. In this article, I will show you how to get backlinks from Quora.

Are Backlinks from Quora Do follow or No follow?

When it comes to backlinks, there are two types. They are the do follow, and the no follow backlinks. The do follow links pass the link juice to the linked website whereases no follow links does not. You will get no follow links from Quora. But still, no follow links from high authority sites like Quora is good for websites.

How to Get Backlinks using Quora?

Now, I will show you how to create good backlinks using Quora.

1. Create an Account

You can create a Quora account for free. There are no costs involved in it.

There are two types of accounts you can create on Quora. They are personal and business.

1.1 Personal Account

You can easily create a personal account on Quora with your email. When you create a personal account, you will get a bio section. You can write a short description of yourself in this section. It also allows you to enter the URL of your website.

Thus, you will be able to get a no follow profile backlink from the Bio section.

1.2 Business Account

You can also create a business profile if needed. You can use your brand name as the profile name. The business account is targeted at people who are really interested in marketing their brand or business through Quora.

One of the main advantages of using a business account is that you will get an option to add your URL directly. Thus, you can create a backlink easily to your website. But this link needs to be approved by Quora. Generally, it will get approved within a day.

2. Provide Answers to the Questions

Once you have successfully created your personal/ business account in Quora, you need to start writing answers to the questions in Quora. You can provide answers to questions that are relevant to your topic.

When you write an answer, make sure it is genuine. Please don’t write some random stuff in the answer section and spam it. Instead, try to provide an in-depth answer to the question. Long form answers work well in Quora. When you write the answers, you can also share your links that are useful for the topic.

So, the people who read your answers will be interested in clicking on your link and reading the contents of the article. Thus, it will help to drive more traffic to your website.

Tips to Improve the Effectiveness of Backlinks from Quora

I will share some useful tips to help you get more traffic from Quora.

1. Use the Keyword in Anchor Text

When you created the article for your blog, you would have already made a list of targeted keywords and other associated keywords. Try to use any of these keywords as the anchor text for the link. It will provide a better understanding of your link for the search engine crawlers. So, use appropriate keywords instead of naked URLs, click here, here, link, etc., as the anchor text.

2. Answer Questions with More Followers and Less Answers

You can find many questions on Quora with many followers but with fewer answers. It is an excellent opportunity for you to market your content. Go for an in-depth answer for such questions along with your link. It will help to get some referral traffic for your website.

3. Answer Top Ranking Questions

You can use tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to find the questions in Quora that rank top in Google search results. Try to answer these questions.

You can make a list of such questions and create detailed answers for those topics.

4. Repurpose your Blog Articles

You can repurpose the actual post on your website as the answer to the question in Quora. It will help to ensure that all the details regarding the query are answered correctly. Thus, it will increase your chances of getting more upvotes. So, you can end up in the top answer, which comes first.

5. Find Unanswered Questions in your Niche

You can look for the unanswered questions on your topic. You will be able to find many such questions. Try to provide useful answers to all the possible ones.

6. Answer Regularly

Don’t post all your answers together. You need to ensure to stay active on Quora on a regular basis. It is a good idea to provide at least two or three answers per week. It will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from this platform. So, try to be more consistent.

Once you develop trust among other Quora users who come and read your answers, they will slowly start reading the articles from your website regularly.

You can consider using a “Subscribe Newsletter” option on your website. It will help to bring more consistent traffic to your website through Quora.

7. Consider Creating a Quora Space

If you were able to get a large group of followers in Quora, you could even consider creating a Quora space. It will allow you to share your content directly with interested people.

AI for Creating Content in Quora

If you are finding it tough to create the answers to questions in Quora, you can use the power of an AI-based content generator tool to create the answer. WordBot is one such tool that is worth giving a try. You just need to enter the topic or the question; the tool will generate the content for you. It will help to save your valuable time.

Check out this walkthough video of how it all works.

Link buildeing using wordbot & quroa

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to create backlinks using Quora for your website. Make use of the tips shared in this article to improve your reach through Quora. You can also give the WordBot AI tool a try with the help of the 7-day free trial option.

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