The Power of Private Equity: 6 Levers to Accelerate Your Business Performance

Post author: Adam VanBuskirk
Adam VanBuskirk
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Private equity (PE) firms invest in companies with the aim of improving their financial performance and achieving significant returns on their investment. To achieve this, PE firms use various strategies and tools to accelerate business performance. In this article, we will discuss some common levers private equity uses to accelerate business performance.

1. Operational Improvement

Operational improvement is one of the most common levers private equity firms use to accelerate business performance. This involves identifying inefficiencies and areas for improvement within a company’s operations and implementing changes to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity. This may include restructuring the company’s operations, optimizing its supply chain, improving inventory management, or automating processes to reduce manual work.

2. Strategic Re-Positioning

Strategic re-positioning is another lever that private equity firms use to accelerate business performance. This involves analyzing the market and competitive landscape and identifying new opportunities for growth. This may involve entering new markets, expanding the product or service offering, or pivoting the business strategy to capitalize on emerging trends.

3. Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is a key lever for private equity firms to accelerate business performance. This involves identifying new sources of revenue, improving sales and marketing strategies, and optimizing pricing and product mix. Private equity firms may also look for opportunities to increase revenue by expanding into new markets or leveraging existing customer relationships.

4. Cost Optimization

Cost optimization is another important lever for private equity firms to accelerate business performance. This involves identifying areas where costs can be reduced without compromising quality or customer satisfaction. This may include optimizing the supply chain, reducing headcount, or renegotiating contracts with suppliers.

5. Talent Management

Private equity firms also focus on talent management to accelerate business performance. This involves attracting, developing, and retaining top talent within the company. Private equity firms may bring in new leadership or management teams to drive change, or invest in training and development programs to help employees improve their skills and capabilities.

6. Capital Structure Optimization

Finally, private equity firms may use capital structure optimization to accelerate business performance. This involves evaluating the company’s capital structure and identifying ways to optimize debt and equity to maximize returns. This may involve refinancing debt, raising additional capital, or restructuring the company’s capital structure to improve financial performance.


Private equity firms use a range of levers to accelerate business performance, including operational improvement, strategic re-positioning, revenue growth, cost optimization, talent management, and capital structure optimization. By identifying areas for improvement and implementing changes, private equity firms can help companies achieve significant growth and improve financial performance.

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