What to Expect from A Long Form Writing Assistant?

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Most businesses require both long form content as well as short form content. However, when compared with short form content, long form content is quite tough to create. It takes some skill and good experience to create a long article. So, if you are planning to hire a long form writing assistant, you need to ensure to select the best one. You can also use the service of an AI-based content creation online tool to generate long form content for you. We will have a look into all these things in detail in this article.

Let us get started.

What is a Long Form Content?

A long form content can range anywhere from 750 to 10,000 words of content. It provides lots of valuable information to the readers. So, if you are interested in providing in-depth details of the topic to the reader, the long form content is the best option. However, it requires some good research to create long form content. So, it will take a good amount of time too.

What is a Long Form Writing Assistant?

A resource you can use to create long form content is called a long form writing assistant. It will take time to create long form content manually. So, when you have plenty of long form articles to write, it is a good idea to hire a long form writing assistant.

What are the Skills to Look for in a Long Form Writing Assistant?

If you are planning to hire a person to create long form content for you, you must ensure that they have the skills given below.

1. Research Skills

One needs to do lots of research to create long form content. The main purpose of the long form content is to provide all the information to the reader regarding that topic. So, you will have to research both online as well as offline. Therefore, the writing assistant must have good research skills and be proactive.

2. Content Organization Skills

Another interesting aspect of long form content is its organization. It takes some practice to organize long form content. The organization needs to be done in such a way that there is a proper flow of content for the reader. You must start creating the content only after organizing all the appropriate subheadings.

3. Engage the Audience

Many writing assistants are capable of writing long form content, but only a few can entertain the reader with their content. So, you must ensure that the resource that you select is capable of engaging the audience with the content. Otherwise, there is no point in creating long form content.

4. Bring more Details to Content

The writer must bring more details into the content. It can be in the form of facts and figures. But make sure that these details are authentic. When presenting any facts or figures, it is always good to mention their source. It improves the authority of the content.

5. Content Free of Spelling & Grammatical Errors

The final content must not contain any grammatical or spelling errors. So, the writing assistant must proofread the text multiple times to fix all such errors.

You can always ask for a sample long form content from the person to see the writing style and his research capabilities.

Human Vs AI as Long Form Writing Assistant

You can use either a human resource or an AI content creator tool as your long form writing assistant. Both these content-creating options have got their pros and cons. We will compare the various advantages and disadvantages of both these options based on various factors.

1. Cost factor

The cost of the resource is a major factor to be considered. For example, when it comes to long form content, it has lots of words and requires lots of research. So, the content writers will charge more for the long form versions.

In the case of an AI content creation tool, you can pay and use the tool on a subscription basis. The tool can create more content at the same time. So, the AI tool wins when it comes to the cost factor.

2. Time

Time is an important parameter in any business. When you use a human to create long form content, it will take a considerable amount of time as it involves lots of research, content organization, creation, proofreading, etc.

When an AI writing assistant is used to create the long form content, the tool can deliver long form content in a few minutes. Moreover, once this content is generated, you can read it and fine-tune it if necessary. So, you will be able to save a considerable amount of time with the help of the AI tool.

3. Flow of Content

An experienced long form content writer can create high-quality articles with the perfect flow of content. You will not get the same quality from a novice.

Now, AI tools can create a good flow of content almost similar to the content generated by humans. When it comes to the flow of content factors, both human and AI scores.


Now you know what long form content is and the role of a long form writing assistant. You can either go for a dedicated human resource to create the long form content for your business or use the service of an AI-powered content generator tool.

If you use an AI-based content creation tool, you can generate long form content in no time. Thus, it will help to accelerate your content creation process. You can always give WordBot (an AI-based long form content creation tool) a try and see if it can do the job for you. The WordBot comes with a 7-day free trial option.

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