PAS Copywriting Formula Explained with an Example

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When it comes to copywriting, different writers use different techniques to create content. There are many who use the PAS formula for copywriting. It is one of the popular writing techniques used by most content creators. So, does this copywriting formula really work? In this article, we will learn what PAS copywriting formula is all about. We will also go through a PAS copywriting example to make things more clear for you.

What do you mean by PAS Copywriting Formula?

PAS is the short form for Pain, Agitate, Solution. The Pain is also referred to as Problem. If you plan to use this formula for copywriting, you need to divide your copywriting into three sections.

1. Problem

The first step to do here is to identify a problem related to the topic you want to address in the article. Then, you can search the internet to find issues that come under that niche. You can easily get one if you search in forums in that niche.

2. Agitate

Once you identify the problem, you need to move on to the second step, which is “Agitate.” As the name suggests, you need to agitate the problem. You need to convey to the audience how terrifying that problem can be. Finally, you need to make the problem more emotional for the readers.

Here, the intention is to develop a sense of fear in the mind of the reader. It will help to make the reader more anxious to know about the solution to the problem. Make sure not to use foul words to bring the emotional factor.

3. Solution

Once you are done with the agitation part, you need to offer the best solution to the problem. This solution will be in the form of a product or service from your client.

Here, you need to ensure that the client’s service is presented as the best solution to fix the problem. In addition, it will help to bring more business for your client. Thus, you will be able to create copywriting that converts.

PAS formula is entirely different from the AIDA technique.

PAS Copywriting Example

To understand the PAS formula in a better way, I will share a PAS copywriting example. This example will help to clear all your doubts regarding the PAS approach for content creation.

I will take the case of an organic chocolate company as an example here. Everyone loves chocolates. But there are some who are reluctant to buy chocolates for their children as they contain chemical preservatives. These chemical preservatives are added to the chocolate to enhance its shelf life.

When you create a copywriting for the chocolate company using the PAS formula, you can highlight the use of chemical preservatives as the “Problem” part of your article.

Now comes the “Agitate” part. You can elaborate on how these chemicals can adversely affect the health of your kids. You can find information on kids getting infected with chocolates that have preservatives. This information is easily available online. When you quote such a fact, make sure to link to the newspaper or the site that has reported it. It is essential to bring more authority to the fact that you present in the article. The second step is complete once you show all the harmful effects of the chemicals in the chocolate.

Now, you need to take your audience to the final step, which is the “Solution” part. You need to show your readers how the organic chocolate company manufactures chemical-free chocolates. You can also tell how these chocolates can help to improve the health of your kids. In this section, you need to educate the reader about the benefits of buying chocolates from your client.

After completing the final section, you can share the links to purchase the chocolates online. A person who has gone through the entire article may place an order for chocolates from your client.

Actual Content with PAS Formula

I will share a short article in the above context, created using the PAS formula.

PROBLEM: Both adults, as well as kids, love chocolates. But do they know about the harmful chemical preservatives in many of these chocolates? Are you sure your chocolate does not contain harmful chemicals?

AGITATE: There are many chocolate manufacturers who add harmful chemicals like Titanium dioxide to chocolates. These toxic chemicals are added to enhance the lifespan of chocolates. Unfortunately, this Titanium dioxide can cause irritation to the throat, nose, and skin. For some people, these effects can be permanent. So, it is always good to check the ingredients of the chocolate before buying it for your kids.

SOLUTION: You must ensure that the chocolates do not contain any harmful toxic materials. You can always consider purchasing organic chocolates from the YYY brand. The YYY brand uses natural and organic ingredients to make chocolates. Even though we use natural ingredients for our chocolates, we are not second to anyone when it comes to taste. You can order our chocolates online through this link.

Why PAS Formula Work in Copywriting?

The PAS formula makes use of human emotions. Humans like to avoid any kind of pain or problem at any cost. They are ready to spend money on solutions that help to solve their pain. So, if the person who reads your article written using the PAS formula is also experiencing the same problem, they will be very much interested in trying out the solution shared in the article. It is the reason why the PAS formula works for copywriting.


Now you know how to use the PAS formula for copywriting. If you want to create content for your client that converts, you can consider using the PAS copywriting formula. If you are interested in employing the service of AI for copywriting, you can consider using the WordBot AI-powered online content creator tool.

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