How to Use AIDA model in Digital Marketing?

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There are many models when it comes to marketing. These models keep on changing now and then. So, the marketing model which existed 5 years before will not be relevant now. It is due to the reason that there is a drastic change in the way people shop. Nowadays, most people prefer to shop online. So, if you are into a business or marketing, it is essential to know the AIDA model in digital marketing. This marketing model is considered one of the classical models. Many marketers apply this method unknowingly.

In this article, we will learn how to use the AIDA model in digital marketing. We will also see how AI-powered content creation can aid in the AIDA model for digital marketing.

Let us get started.

What is the AIDA Model in Digital Marketing?

AIDA is the short form for Awareness, Interest, Desire, & Action. AIDA model in digital marketing is a process adopted in marketing that helps create sales through conversion. If you are into business, you will find this process very useful. It is a kind of funnel marketing, where the Awareness comes at the top of the funnel and the Action at the bottom. Here, the consumer is taken through multiple stages before making the final purchase or action.

It is called a funnel model because the number of consumers decreases with these 4 stages. For example, you will be showing your product to 1,000,000 customers. Out of these, only 100,000 may be interested in your product. Out of these 100,000, only 10,000 may have the desire to buy your product. Finally, around 1000 people will be really making the purchase.

AIDA Model Explained with an Example

Now, we will try to decode the 4 terms in the AIDA model. They are Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action. I will explain it with the help of an example. Suppose you want to sell a product through an online store. We will use the AIDA model in digital marketing for selling this product.

Part 1 – Awareness

The first step in the AIDA model is “Awareness.” It is sometimes also referred to as “Attention.” So, you need to make the customer aware of your product. In other words, you need to draw the attention of the customer toward your product.

You need to advertise your product online to draw the customer’s attention. You can use different types of advertisement options. For example, you can run ads on sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also do content promotion. To promote your product, you can get in touch with appropriate influencers on social media platforms.

Part 2 – Interest

Once the Awareness part is complete, you need to move to the next stage, which is “Interest.” In order to develop an interest in customers, you need to provide proper product descriptions. It is one of the important steps. Your description must include all the features of the product. Customers must feel that investing in your product will help solve their problems.

Part 3- Desire

Once you successfully create interest in the customers’ minds, you need to create the desire for the product. So, the question is how to make this desire part. The elegant design of the product and its unique and interesting features can create the desire. If you are able to give the product at a very good price, it will also help to make the desire in the minds of the customer.

Part 4 – Action

Once you can bring the desire to the customer’s mind, it will lead to the final step, which is action from the customer to go ahead with the purchase.

How to Apply AIDA in Digital Marketing?

When it comes to digital marketing, you will be using multiple techniques. It includes social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, digital PR, etc. So, we will see how to use the AIDA model along with these digital marketing tools.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a popular way to market your product digitally in this digital era. The main reason for the popularity of social media is due to the fact that the majority of people will browse social media sites on a daily basis. So, you need to create paid social media campaigns. It is done to create awareness about the product. Here, you don’t have to bother about the conversion rate. You need to ensure to make a creative post for your product. The post must draw the attention of your customers.

You may now want to show your product to all the people. However, it will cost a lot if you want to show it to everyone. You might also be interested in selling your product in a particular country. The paid ad campaign through social media will help narrow your targets. Thus, it will help to save some costs.

You will have to create posters and appropriate texts to run ads on social media. One ad will not be sufficient. You will have to make multiple ones for the same product. For example, if your brand is selling many products, then you need to create many ads. You may have a tough time creating catchy and unique texts for each of these ads. In such situations, you can leverage the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to create texts with minimal effort. WordBot is one such AI-powered content creation tool that can generate content in a few clicks. WordBot also supports templates for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram ads. So, you can create all the texts for different ads in a very less amount of time.

Content Marketing

You need to have a website to launch your product online. Then, you can sell the product through your website. However, if you just post your product on your website, no one is going to buy it. Therefore, you need to create some content for your product. You will also have to do some SEO to bring your product to Google search results for appropriate keywords.

When you create content for your product to use the AIDA model, you need to ensure that the text is informative and useful for the user. You need to create many such informative articles on your website. It will be a tough and time-consuming task if you do it manually. If you hire a copywriter to do this work, you need to have a good budget also.

Just creating content and publishing them on your website alone will not help to market your product. You must ensure that the content you have created is shown to the targeted audience. In order to showcase your content, you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). When it comes to SEO, there are on-page SEO and off-page SEO. You need to make sure that both these parts are done correctly. For the on-page SEO part, you must ensure that the article you create for the product is optimized correctly with the targeted keyword and appropriate content.

You can use AI-powered content generator tools like WordBot to quickly create different articles based on your product. You can create the content for the post with a few clicks with the help of WordBot online tool. This tool will also help you use your targeted keywords in the article. You need to get the creator package of WordBot for creating articles for your product. You can always give WordBot a try with the 7-day free trial option.

Influencer Marketing

Another digital marketing technique that you can use is influencer marketing. Here, you need to find the influencers on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Bloggers, etc. You will have to pay them per post to showcase your product. It will help to do the Awareness part of the AIDA model.

Video Marketing

Don’t forget about the video marketing part. It is one of the major digital marketing strategies these days. It helps cover the Awareness, Interest, and Desire part of the AIDA model, provided you do it correctly. You can create video ads and run them on platforms like YouTube. You can also contact Youtubers and TikTokers to do paid promotions. It will help you to showcase your product to a large audience.


Now, you know how to use the AIDA model in digital marketing. It is possible to include the AIDA model in all the popular digital marketing techniques. However, when running an advertisement campaign on social media sites or creating content for your product, you can always go for an AI-powered content creation tool like WordBot. It will help you to save valuable time.

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