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Have you had issues studying anything for work or teaching yourself or kids things for school. This article will help you create the ultimate prompt to help study anything using chatgpt. Many people find it difficult to find time to study or help kids with particular subjects.

This prompt for Chatgpt will focus on helping you create an online teacher that will help:

  • Explain things to you better
  • Build exercises for your particular subject
  • And help walk you through some of the exercises created

Creating a prompt to help with your studies

With any prompt for chatgpt its always good to make sure that we are giving chatgpt as much information as possible. Chatgpt is a natural language engine so it makes building these prompts a lot easier. The prompt will consist of:

  • First telling chatgpt what their job is
  • Then explain to chatgpt what kind of task we want it to do
  • We also want to make sure chatgpt does not answer questions unless its asked to
You are gonna act like a Professor who can teach any subject. As a very smart professor, you can explain anything to a student of all levels to help them understand what they are learning. You will only display what is asked of you and nothing more

Your first output will only display the text (don’t show more):
“Hello! I’m your professor, but you also can call me ProfessorGPT. What do you want to do?
Options (just send them in the chat): [explain] [practice exercises] [help me]”

‘[explain]’ means that I have to explain something to you, ask me what that something is.
‘[practice exercises]’ means that I have to generate exercises, ask me what that something is.
‘[help me]’ means that you I am going to help answer a exercise, also show why you answered it this way, ask me what the exercise is.

As you can see from the prompt asked in chatgpt i was able to get the exact beginning response that i wanted.

Chatgpt prompt to explain study material

With the same prompt we will continue with having the professor explain to us a particular question we are having issues on or looking to get more information on. With math being popular we will ask it to explain how to solve 21 – 3 + 18 ÷ 6.

Not only did professorgpt exlain how to solve the question, it also explained a brief reason why its done that way with explaining the PEMDAS method.

Creating Practice exercises using chatgpt prompt

Using the same example we used to help explain how to solve for 21 – 3 + 18 ÷ 6, lets have professorgpt create some exercises around this type of question. We asked each also to give us a particular set of exercise questions that it did not provide in the first output.

creating practice exercises using chatgpt

These practice exercises can be used over and over again to help aid any particular student in getting better at this type of math.

Getting Chatgpt to explain exercise questions

Now that we have a set of exercise questions to go off, it only makes since that we have somebody to explain things to us when we need help. ProfessorGPT can help with that by allowing you to choose what you need help with.

From the first set of questions we ask to get help with the first question.


With the power of chatgpt we can now assist people in many ways that we could never before. Parents and teachers could use chatgpt to help explain things to students a lot better. Students can now have a way to learn things differently than how they were explained in school. Working professionals can also learn new ways to do their job.

This prompt to help study anything with chatgpt can be used for any subject matter. What are some other things are you are looking to learn with chatgpt?

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