Ad Copy

Blog posts about creating ad copy and ad copy templates.

Ad Copy Template | Create the Perfect One With Wordbot

Ad Copy and ad copy templates have been in play for hundreds of years. Businesses and individuals have always had the need to market their services, talents, and value. In today’s age of online everything, ad copy has never been more relevant. If you’re a website owner, whether a business or individual, Google, Facebook, Instagram,... Read More

Learning Keyword Research using WordBots AI in 30 Seconds

Watch this 30 second video on a quick and fast way to gather great keywords for your next great article. One of the most valuable talents you can acquire is the ability to conduct effective SEO keyword research and analysis. WordBot has just made that easier. ... Read More

How to Create a New Folder

In this video, co-founder Kevin Sims in just 30 seconds shows how to create a folder in Wordbot. Folders allow you to organize your past paraphrases and summaries for easier editing, sharing, and rewriting. Enjoy the video and click the link below to see all our 30 second videos demonstrating what Wordbot can do. We... Read More