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The rewrite sentence tool is a key feature of It allows users to walk through each sentence in a body of text, while viewing multiple ai-generated paraphrases for each sentence. The user can then choose one of the paraphrases, manually edit a paraphrase, or even swap out synonyms. Users also have the ability to paraphrase all text with the single click of a button, but the rewrite sentence tool, although it takes longer, produces far superior results and offers more AI-generated rewriting options.

Continuous Improvement of the Rewrite Sentence Tool

With the rewrite sentence tool being a key feature of, we’re always testing the results of the tool to ensure our users get the best AI-generated paraphrases. We often do this and post the results to our blog, so existing and potential users alike can see how well the rewrite sentence tool is performing. We include these tests in our Rewrite Series blog category.

Rewrite Sentence Tool Test

For this test, we’ll run five sentences pulled from the internet through the rewrite sentence tool. For each sentence in the test, we’ll show the original sentence and the best of three AI-generated rewrites. We’ll then discuss the results and how we can improve. Without further ado, let’s get started with the tests.

rewrite sentence tool

Rewrite Test 1

Original Sentence

This tool keeps the tone of the content natural and produces quality content that is engaging for the reader.


This tool produces quality content that is engaging for the reader.


The tool took the sentence from 19 words to 11 without losing the meaning. The only major difference is the paraphrase doesn’t touch on the tone being kept when rewriting. I don’t think the tone blurb is important to the point of the sentence.

Rewrite Test 2

Original Sentence

The sentence rewriter is an online tool that would allow you to reword a sentence, paragraph and even entire essays, in a short amount of time.


An online tool called “The Sentence Rewriter” will allow you to reword a sentence, paragraph and even entire essays quickly.


The rewrite sentence tool took the sentence from 26 words to 20 while losing now meaning. I particularly like how it changed “in a short amount of time” to “quickly”, which is much more succinct. It also did a nice job of keeping the SEO term “the sentence rewriter” in the sentence, which is key to the sentence’s purpose.

Rewrite Test 3

Original Sentence

Paraphrasing is the art of taking an idea and expressing it in your own words so that people can read it from a different point of view which might make them understand the idea a little bit better. 


Paraphrasing is the act of re-expressing ideas in your own words so that people can read them from a different perspective.


The rewrite sentence tool took the sentence form a whopping 38 words to just 22. I feel the AI-generated paraphrase from wordBot is much better than the original sentence. The paraphrase is much less wordy, yet does a better job of getting the point across.

Rewrite Test 4

Original Sentence

Creating unique content on a consistent basis is not easy. 


It’s not easy to create unique content on a consistent basis.


wordBot created a nice paraphrase for this brief sentence. It essentially moved the words around and created a solid alternative to the original.

Rewrite Test 5

Original Sentence

When you have hit writer’s block and you can’t seem to find decent words to rewrite an idea, our rewrite sentence tool will help you rewrite your content in an effective way and would generate unique content after strict grammar checking.


When you’re struggling with writer’s block and can’t seem to find good words to re-write your idea, our sentence rewrite tool will help you rewrite your content in a way that is effective and generates unique content after strict grammar checking.


wordBot again produced an excellent paraphrase. The two sentences are similar, but I feel wordBot’s paraphrase is better worded. If I was truly rewriting the article that this sentence is in, I would probably run the paraphrase through wordBot a few more times and then manually edit it. I personally don’t like the grammar pieces tacked on the end of the sentence. I feel like it should be a separate sentence.


As demonstrated in the five tests, wordBot’s rewrite sentence tool is producing very high quality paraphrases. We still have much work to do on it and will continue to improve the AI by designing better instructional prompts, but it is already outperforming much of the online competition. If you’re looking to rewrite sentences, give a try. We offer a free trial so you can try risk free.

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