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So, you’re a blogger, virtual assistant, student or content creator looking for a Simple English Paraphrasing Tool. As a writer, there may be times when you have to rewrite content to and from different languages. To find translator apps or other websites to help with these day-to-day tasks can take up lots of time and nothing is more difficult than having to find them. 

Using AI-backed technology, has improved the quality of content that bloggers, students and more importantly Virtual Assistants have been pushing out for a while now. With the new improved English editor, Wordbot has introduced a tool so you can translate your content to and from over 100+ languages. 

What does rewriting content mean?

Rewriting tools can help you guide yourself in rewriting content. Rewriting tools help many different professions, for various reasons.

All around the world, students, bloggers, virtual assistants and content creators may work for companies that are not their native language or their second language. Bloggers, journalists, and professionals can use a simple English paraphrasing tool like to write in different languages.

Let’s see how the AI translator works going from English to Spanish. 

How to rewrite content from English to Spanish using AI

Some people may need to know articles in English to write content, and they may not know how to speak Spanish. It is often difficult to translate from one language to another.

Most users would first, write the content in a text editor. That editor is either word, notepad, or WordPress. Then take that content and run it through some words. Lastly Put it all together.

If you are working with an existing content, then you might even have to figure out a tool to rewrite the content as well. 

Wordbots Simple English Paraphrasing Tool can do all of the below for you all online:

  • You’ll get unlimited storage to save your work inside of wordbot and work with your team
  • Allows you to create a folder to save your work in while editing to structure you work.
  • Start writing in your multi-language text editor with the ability to store freeze words.
  • Using artificial intelligence, rewrite the text into three separate versions to give you the best rewrite each time.
  • The English Rewriting Tool can translate text to and from over 100 different languages in an instant.
  • The ability to choose new synonyms of different words you are rewriting

How the simple English paraphrasing tool translates English to Spanish

I’m going to take the existing text and convert it into a new document in the wordbot editor. 

Original Text:
"He had a good time with my colleague Carlo Ancelotti, who is a gentleman and a nice guy, but when I wanted to go and say 'thank you for the match,' I see him laughing, smiling, and laughing loud with the opponent's coach. I think this is the very, very wrong time to do this after the final whistle, after 126 minutes with one team giving their heart and fighting to the very last drop.

Taking that original text and running it through Wordbot, we were able to get a re-written format of that in Spanish.

English to Spanish:
"Se lo pasó bien con mi compañero Carlo Ancelotti, que es un caballero y un buen tipo, pero cuando quería ir y decirle 'gracias por el partido', lo veo riendo, sonriendo y riéndose a carcajadas con el oponente. entrenador. Creo que no es en ningún momento hacer esto después de que termine el partido y teniendo en cuenta que hemos jugado 126 minutos con un equipo luchando hasta el final.

As the original text is run through wordbot, the gpt3 engine rewrites the content into 3 different ways. As we continue to grow, the AI engine will create better rewrites and will continue to get better and smarter also.


Using one editor as you continue to rewrite content can save you a lot of time and money. Imagine being able to save all of your work in one place. With Wordbot, you can easily rewrite text in English or over 100 different languages to increase the amount of content you output weekly. 

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