How Do You Reword a Paragraph?

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When you write a blog post or article, you may sometimes have to reword your content. It is because you don’t want the text in the content to be the same as the original source. If you copy the same text, then your content will be plagiarized. Search engines will not take it if you try to post plagiarized content online. So, your post will not get ranked. Thus, it is essential to reword a paragraph at times. There are many ways to reword a paragraph.

In this article, I will share some useful tips based on my experience in article rewriting that will help you reword a paragraph.

What is Paraphrasing?

Paraphrasing is the process of converting the same idea from the content into different words. It is like using an alternative set of words to convey the same information. It is an effective strategy used by content marketers to avoid plagiarism.

When you copy the original text as it is, and share it somewhere else, it is called plagiarism. On the other hand, if you reword the whole content and share it, it is called paraphrasing. So, I hope you are not confused between these two parameters.

8 Pro Tips to Reword A Paragraph

I will share 8 useful tips that will help you to reword a paragraph without plagiarism.

1. Make use of Synonyms

One of the most popular & effective strategies used by most of the content creators out there is the use of synonyms. You need to find alternate words to make the text distinct. Just replacing the word with an alternate one will not work for good quality content. You need to restructure the sentence in such a way that the same information is passed on to the readers.

It is better to explain this with the help of an example.

Consider this sentence, “There are many ways to write the text.”

You can use synonyms and reword this sentence: “There are multiple methods to create the content. ”

You can also make use of this technique when you paraphrase the content.

2. Reader’s Flow

One important thing that you need to consider is that whatever you reword, the final content must ensure a good flow for the readers. Otherwise, your article will look like a scrappy one created by some robot. So, the reader will skip the article. It will increase the bounce rate of your site.

3. Restructure the Sentence

Another technique that you can use to reword a paragraph is to restructure the sentences. Sometimes, it is quite difficult to find the synonyms for the words used in a sentence. In such situations, it is a good idea to restructure the sentence. It will help to avoid plagiarism in the content.

For example, consider this sentence for paraphrasing, “You need to cross the bridge to reach the other road.

After restructuring, “You can reach the other road by crossing the bridge.”

See how sentence restructuring has helped to paraphrase the text.

4. Summarize the Content

You can go through the entire text initially when you are presented with a paragraph for rewording. Then, you can create a summary of the whole paragraph in your own words.

It will make the whole paragraph look unique. It is one of the most commonly employed techniques of most content rewriters out there.

5. Forget the Original Text

This technique has helped me many times to reword a paragraph. I will go through the whole paragraph and understand it. But, when the original text is in your mind, whatever you try to write, most parts of the original text will also come into it unknowingly.

The best way to deal with this situation is to forget the whole text and write it fresh. In order to do this, you need to start writing the content one or two days after reading the content.

Once you finish writing the whole content, you need to read the original content once to ensure that you have not missed any important points.

6. Dealing with Numbers in the Text

Some text will have lots of numbers in it. But, you may not be allowed to change these numbers since they will be the actual facts and figures.

Here, you need to convert the number to other forms through statistical methods. It will help to avoid plagiarism and make the text look unique.

For example, consider this sentence, “Only 40 % of students have cleared all the exams.

The rephrased sentence, “60% of students did not clear all the exams.

Both these sentences convey the same information with different numbers.

7. Word Form Change

If the above-mentioned techniques are not working, you can try this one. First, you need to change the word forms in the sentence. You need to make the word sound different.

For example, “If you find it difficult to write the sentence, avoid it.”

Sentence after word form change, “If you are finding any difficulty in writing the sentence, consider avoiding it. 

You can use this technique as your last resort.

8. Use Online AI-powered Content Generator tools

If you still find it difficult to reword a paragraph, then you must consider trying any of the AI-powered content generator tools. You can easily find many such tools out there. The main advantage of using the service of an AI tool is that you can reword the content in a few clicks.

WordBot AI is one such AI-based content creator tool that can reword a paragraph in no time. You just need to enter the required content for paraphrasing; the tool will automatically generate the reworded text. If you are not satisfied with the paraphrased content generated by the tool, you can always generate another copy. It will really help to save a good amount of your valuable time. You can reword your content using the “Article Rewriter” module in WordBot.

How to Confirm Paraphrased Content is Free from Plagiarism?

When you reword a paragraph by yourself, there is a chance that you might have some amount of plagiarism in your text. You can use tools like Copyscape and Grammarly to check for plagiarism. It is essential to do this check before publishing the content online.

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to reword a paragraph without plagiarism. When you reword a paragraph, you need to ensure the paraphrased content conveys the same meaning and, at the same time, is free from plagiarism.

It requires some experience to do paraphrasing. So, you may find it difficult when you do it for the first time. You can always consider using an AI-content generator tool like WordBot. There is a free 2k word per month package from WordBot. You can definitely give it a try.

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