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Good morning everyone and Happy Christmas Eve! I thought I would start my holiday break by testing some headline rewrites in WordBot. Headline rewriting is important when creating ad copy templates.

Update 12/2/22. This original article was posted by me almost 1 year ago. A lot of improvements have come to wordbot.io since then. This article was originally written to showcase the improvements to our Headline Rewriter Tool. For those that wish to generate headlines instead of rewriting existing ones, we have two other valuable tools that have came into existence since this original article – The Headline Generator Tool and the SEO Title & Description Generator Tool.

Because we now have a Headline Rewriter Tool, a Headline Generator Tool, and an SEO Title & Description Generator Tool and they’re all used to improve headlines, I’ve updated this article to showcase all three tools, including videos and images showing how to use them. You’ll find my 12/2/22 updates sprinkled throughout this original article from 12/24/21.

Watch How To Generate The Perfect Headline With Wordbot

How to rewrite a headline

Generate High Converting Headlines With Our Headline Generator Tool

As seen in the video above, our Headline Generator Tool is great for taking an article topic and generating high converting headlines. Further evidence can be seen in the screenshot below.

I chose the Headline Generator tool from wordbot’s Creator Launchpad. I then entered the topic “How to optimize an article for seo”. As you can see below, wordbot nailed it and generated 5 fantastic headlines. From here, you can click the Generate Headlines button over and over and keep reviewing newly generated headlines or you can click the Edit All link which throws them into the editor where you can rewrite them over and over following the headline rewriting processed mentioned further down in this article. If creating and using high converting headlines are important to you, you simply can’t go wrong with wordbot.

Enter an article topic and generate 5 headlines

Watch How To Use Our SEO Title & Description Generator Tool

Generate an SEO Title & Description That Ranks Your Article

Ignore how tiny everything is in the below screenshot – I wanted to fit in all the results, but check them out! One of my absolute favorite wordbot creator tools is the SEO Title & Description Generator. In the below screenshot, I used the tool and entered “AI Article Writer” as my keyword phrase and wordbot generated 5 high quality SEO titles and descriptions to be used for my article.

This is a fantastic tool to combine with the Headline Generator and Rewriter Tools to ensure you get headlines, titles, and descriptions for your articles that convert search clicks to visitors by generating enticing messages that are also highly SEO optimized for your focus keyword.

Use Our Headline Rewriter Tool To Improve Your Headlines

This section explains how you can use wordbot to rewrite your existing headlines. I’ve found I often rewrite headlines as part of my initial writing process. I’ll write 5 – 10 headlines for my article and then repeatedly use wordbot to generate rewrites for those headlines. By doing this process over and over and combining AI-generated rewrites with my own modifications, I’ve found I can generate really high quality headlines.

GPT-3 Headline Rewriter Improvements

GPT-3 has also come a long way in the last 12 months and continues to improve it’s quality of text rewriting and generating. On our end, we’ve implemented numerous GPT-3 prompt improvements over the last year. Because of this, wordbot is generating much better rewrites than our early-era prompts. A big part of this prompt improvement process is testing various rewrite scenarios using many different prompt versions.

In this section, let’s see how Wordbot does rewriting some headlines pulled from the Internet. I searched for Headline Rewriter, took the headlines from the top six ranking pages in Google, and ran them through WordBot with the results below. But first, a note about rewriting headlines in wordbot.

Rewriting Headlines in Wordbot

Look at the screenshot below. I entered Headline Analyzer Tool: Write Better Headlines and wordbot generated 4 replacement headlines. You might be thinking the generated headlines are more wordy than the original and you would be right. But this isn’t a bad thing. This is why I love using this tool to rewrite my original headlines, because it produces high quality replacements with more words. This allows me to then work backward from these longer headlines, trimming the extra fluff but keeping some of the great action words that were generated like “speed up”, “help you”, and “improve your”, all of which are great trigger words that play on people’s emotions.

Wordbot generated 4 new headlines for the one original.

Headline Rewriter Rewrites:

Headline 1 (3x)

Original: Headline Analyzer Tool: Write Better Headlines

Rewrite: Headline Analyzer Tool | Analyze Your Headlines and Write Better Ones.

Headline 2 (1x)

Original: Suck at Writing Headlines? These 10 Online Tools Will Help

Rewrite 1: Don’t know how to write headlines? These 10 online tools will help. 

Rewrite 2: If you’re struggling with writing good headlines, these 10 online tools will help. 

Rewrite 3: If you’re not sure how to write good headlines, these 10 online tools will help.

Headline 3 (1x)

Original: 29 Tools That’ll Help You Create Better Headlines

Rewrite 1: 29 different items that will help you create better headlines. 

Rewrite 2: 29 tips to help you create better headlines. 

Rewrite 3: 29 ideas to help you write better headlines.

Headline 4 (1x)

Original: Title Generator For Blogs, Headlines, and More

Rewrite 1: Generate Titles For Your Blogs 

Rewrite 2: Generate Headlines And More 

Rewrite 3: Create Titles For Your Blog, Headlines, And More

Headline 5 (1x)

Original: Article Rewriting – Paraphrasing Tool

Rewrite 1: How to rewrite a piece of text without losing its meaning 

Rewrite 2: Rewrite your texts without losing the original meaning

Headline 6 (3x)

Original: How to Create Winning Headlines in 9 Simple Steps

Rewrite 1: Make headlines that win. 

Rewrite 2: 9 steps to creating winning headlines.

Rewrite 3: Learn How to Create Winning Headlines in Nine Simple Steps

Headline Rewriter – Results

Overall, these are good results. WordBot generated alternative headlines for each of the six original headlines. However, some rewrites were better than others and it wasn’t a total success. Specifically, two of the above headlines are worth noting. 

WordBot struggled rewriting Headline 1. WordBot kept wanting to return the original headline. I had to run the headline through WordBot three times to get a rewrite and even then it only gave me one. The rewrite it produced is OK, but not great by any means. I would call this headline rewrite a failure.

Headline 6 was an interesting scenario. I ran the headline through WordBot three different times with WordBot producing three rewrites each time for a total of nine rewrites. The first go around WordBot produced was OK, but not great headlines. The second time, it produced the headline you see above as Rewrite 1, which although shorter, I think is a great headline rewrite. The other two I didn’t include above, but were OK. The third time through WordBot produced three rewrites, two of which are Rewrite 2 and Rewrite 3 above (for Headline 6). These two headlines are great rewrites.

For the other headlines, I ran each a single time and it produced what you see above. I think all of those were pretty good rewrites. Ultimately, this test went well. We of course still have plenty of room to improve our GPT-3 prompts and AI, but WordBot is certainly at a level now that it produces meaningful rewrites and value for its users. 

One takeaway from this test for me is that WordBot seems to get smarter and better on subsequent rewrites of previously ran content. I’m going to consider how we can use that in our favor and produce better headline rewrites the first pass through.

Happy Holidays for a second year everyone!

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