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DALL·E2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language. It’s owned and operated by Open AI, the company that created the GPT AI models and the popular ChatGPT application.

The possibilities for DALL-E2 are limitless. From creating an image website provider like Ghetty images to creating original oil painting prints, you can do it all with DALL-E2. As a blogger, one particular area I’m exploring is using it to generate all the feature images for my blog posts. This would save me thousands of dollars per year. Another great use is logo creation. A good logo will cost you $200+ with the price often traveling north of $1,000. In this blog post, we’re going to use DALL-E2 to create a logo.

Accessing DALL-E2

The AI Engine

DALL-E2 itself, the engine that we actually interact with to create images from text, is located here:

The Help Docs

The help docs for DALL-E2 are located at the below links.


In this post, I’m going to show you how to use highly descriptive text to create a good quality website or company logo. I’ll do this using the DALL-E2 link provided above, which is Open AI’s website. If you’re a developer and want to create a website that allows users to create logos, check out the help doc links I posted above. The docs have examples of using the DALL-E2 API to generate images with text, just like we’ll be doing in this blog post, but programmatically.

Calling the DALL-E2 api to generate images

Creating a Logo With DALL-E2

Let’s get started. We’ll list our requirements, figure out the best way to feed them into DALL-E2, and then see what logos it generates.

Logo Requirements

  • Name: wordbot
  • Website:
  • Colors: #1b2631 (dark blue)
  • Description: is a website that allows users to generate and rewrite blog articles using AI.

Feeding The Requirements to DALL-E2

  • Visit
  • Enter your text
  • Generate the logo


Full disclosure, DALL-E2 at this point is NOT good at generating logos. In fact, it’s remarkably bad. I tried numerous textual descriptions using my before mentioned requirements and it failed miserably on all them. I then reduced the request to its most simplistic form by asking DALL-E2 to generate the word “wordbot” with dark letters and a white background and it failed just as bad.

Generating website logos with DALL-E2

I have no doubt as time elapses and the Open AI team puts more effort into DALL-E2 it will be a rockstart like ChatGPT on the text side, but currently it is not very useful. I’ll keep exploring the tool and watching for updates to the engine. In the meantime, if you know of any tips for tricks to get it to produce high quality images, let us know at support @ wordbot . io.

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