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An Ai paragraph generator can help writers generate content at times they have difficult figuring out what to write. AI has become more popular among the content creator industry over the last couple of years.

When starting a blog, new content must be generated constantly to get your content in the top of google searches. OpenAI has a playground that can assist you in generating content using prompts. View our extensive guide on how the OpenAI Playground works.

How to use the AI Paragraph Generator

The OpenAI playground may seem complicated but there is no software or programming abilities required. The Playground uses prompts to ask and answer questions based on your topic needs.

In our Example First, pick what you want to write about; you can begin by considering the subject on which you must complete your work, as well as some of the various aspects from which you could approach it.

Second, choose a couple keywords that you want to be in your paragraph. Then a sentence or two with at least the minimal number of characters required by the tool with some of the keywords in them.

When using the playground, use a couple of examples the help the playground better understand what you’re looking to do.

OpenAI Paragraph Generator Example

Once you gain access to the OpenAI Playground you want to start creating your prompts. Here are some examples of how this works

OpenAI Generated Paragraph #1

Let’s attempt to generate a paragraph talking about Starbucks and iced coffee. Our paragraph generator will use the following prompt setup.

ai paragraph generator example | openai

The ai paragraph generator uses the example above about the Xbox to understand what we are trying to do. We have the topic description explaining what we want to do. The keywords are what we expect to be in the paragraph. Then the top paragraph example of what the generated paragraph should look like.

The first example was hand typed by me. When working within the playground you will have to provide great examples to help train the engine on what you want it to do.

Here is a video showing the Starbucks paragraph being auto generated.

The engine used was the text-davinci engine which is the most powerful and cost the most. The temperature is set high to give the engine the ability to think a little more for itself.

OpenAI Generated Paragraph #2

Now let’s try generating another paragraph using OpenAI. The AI paragraph generator has the ability to do a multitude of tasks and get better as you feed it more examples. Keeping the Starbucks and Xbox example lets generate something about saving money and retiring.

Now as you can see we were able to generate 2 Paragraphs with little effort.

Why use a AI Paragraph Generator?

An AI-written text generator can help scale content businesses faster, using the most advanced online GPT-3 tool to generate text, by utilizing OpenAI and the Wordbot application you will be able to generate any sort of writing, such as articles for your blogs, novels, and much more. It can also aid with the creation of marketing material for Facebook advertisements, Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn postings, and other platforms.

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