10 Best Sentence Rewriter Tools Of 2022 for Content Creators

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As a writer, one of the most satisfying experiences is when a line comes out perfectly. Most writers must rewrite their sentences for length, simplicity, and clarity due to word count limits, readability concerns, and word count targets. If done manually, this might be a time-consuming process.

Rewording your words is now easier than ever thanks to sentence rewriter tools. Here is a list of the top 10 best sentence rewriter tools of 2022. We’ll show you how to use these tools to write copy that convert. We also highlight the best sentence rewriter programs, both free and premium, that you may use.

What is a Sentence Rewriter Tool

A sentence rewriter creates fresh variations of your written sentence that are tailored to a certain purpose. Artificial intelligence (AI) is frequently used in these applications to generate sentences with the same meanings but in a different tone, shorter length, or readability level. These tools may often be used to paraphrase paragraph-length sentences as well as full-length essays.

How To Improve Your Writing with a Sentence Rewriter

Students, Content Creators, Bloggers, Salesman, etc all need to be able to create fresh content. Here are the top 4 reasons to use a Sentence Rewriter:

  • Expand Your Sentences
  • Reword Your Sentences
  • Paraphrase Your Sentences
  • Simplify Your Sentences

Expand Your Sentences

Expanding sentences can help your readers understand your subject matter and demonstrate your experience. We don’t want to be picky, but a well-expanded phrase (with no fluff!) can also help you get to your word count quickly. This is when sentence change generators come in handy.

Reword Your Sentences

When you’re writing multiple articles, essays or content descriptions a week, it’s easy to fall back on old phrases that you overuse or even plagiarize. A sentence rewriter saves you the time and effort of utilizing a thesaurus while also preventing plagiarism. Simply paste your own words into the text box and let the tool complete the sentence for you.

Paraphrase Your Sentences

Shorter sentences are simpler to read and comprehend. They may also prevent you from exceeding your word count — and, if you’re not a fan of long threads on social media (hello, Twitter! ), they can be useful for social media content. Some users have shorter attention spans depending on the medium you’re working on.

Simplify Your Sentences

Sometimes adults or the audience thats reading your content may not have the best “proficient literacy skills.” Because of this writing short sentences is essential.

Everyone, on the other hand, values knowledge that is simple to comprehend. When compared to academic journals, sentence rewording tools make your writing more enjoyable to read.

Using a sentence rewriter tool will rewrite it for your intended audience without sacrificing its substance.

Top 10 Sentence Rewriters For Content Creators

  • Wordbot
  • Wordtune
  • Quillbot
  • Jasper
  • SEO Magnifier
  • Grammarly
  • Outwrite
  • Paraphraser
  • Ginger Software
  • SpinBot


Wordbot stands out because it doesn’t just substitute synonyms or move words around. Our AI Assistant uses the best GPT-3 Algorithm powered by OpenAi. The tool actually thinks about your sentence and then uses its bank of content knowledge from around the internet to summarize, simplify or expand it as needed. 

We already showed you how easily Wordbot can rewrite a sentence. The Text paraphraser helps expand your sentences, adding useful information that you may not have thought of yourself.

Here is a sneak peak of what the editor looks like:

wordbot sentence rewriter editor


Wordbot has become one of the top AI gpt-3 article rewriters online. The online paraphrasing platform has grown to support many different use cases. If you’re a blogger, student, content creator, virtual assistant or content creator then Wordbot has something for you.


  • 7 Day Trial includes unrestricted access to test the sentence rewriter out to the fullest
  • Save paraphrased sentences, paragraphs and documents to work on later
  • Save projects in different folders for team members
  • Import word and text documents
  • Import websites directly into wordbot to summarize or paraphrase
  • Using the latest GPT-3 from OpenAI
  • Support for Multiple Team Members
  • Keyword Extraction


  • Only available in English
  • Synonym Selection requires some manual work but not much


  • 7 Day free trial with a .99 cents per month option after the 7-day trail


wordtune rewrite sentence tool


Wordtune is an online tool that you can use in your browser to help rewrite sentences in emails, social media, documents and more. The online tool is only available in English only but can translate text from other languages into English. The tool is great for short sentences and articles.


  • Simple Editor for rewriting sentences and short paragraphs
  • Offers a free plan that gives you 20 rewrites per day. Great for casual users
  • Available as a chrome extension to be able to use across different platforms


  • No offline rewrite Version
  • Must use a team plan for multiple people to work off of
  • No mobile version


  • Free option with 20 rewrites per day
  • $9.99/month option if billed yearly with unlimited sentence rewrites
  • $24.99 for month-to-month option
  • Premium for Teams which requires you to talk to a team member


quillbot rewriter tool


Quillbot is a sentence rewriter that also does full-length articles. Using their proprietary AI Quillbot has the ability to change the style of your writing while also fixing grammatical errors.

You can control how much of your text is changed by QuillBot, and you may choose from a variety of synonyms to discover the perfect word for your writing. QuillBot also offers a Summarizer function that may output bullet points or paragraphs.


  • It enables you to select certain synonyms
  • As you rephrase sentences, it corrects grammatical flaws
  • It works with Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Google Chrome
  • Works as a rewriter of sentences and articles
  • For the first three days following purchase, there is a 100% money-back guarantee


  • Free Plan is limited to word count, synonyms and 1200 summarizer word limit
  • Content may contain errors depending on the rewritten content
  • Support can be limited at times and subject to email support


  • Free option allows for unlimited uses but limited to 125-word limit and many more limits
  • Premium offers unlimited words Billed at 3 different options. $6.67/month billed annually, $9.99/month billed every 6 months, $14.95/month billed monthly.

Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

jasper sentence rewriter and content generator


Jasper is a content generator that many marketers use to help rewrite sentences and generate new content for multiple mediums. The program considers your sentence and then applies its knowledge of content to summarize, simplify, or expand it as needed. Jasper offers many different templates for various task depending on your use case.


  • There are at least three alternatives for reworking sentences and complete articles among the 52+ templates.
  • Writes high quality content that flows and sounds human like
  • Around 25 languages available
  • Templates for sentence rewrites available for all pricing tiers


  • The most expensive when compared to competitors’ tools
  • Each plan is based off word count which can get expensive if doing a lot of work


  • Starter Plan offers up to 1 million words per month for $499 per month and as low as $29 per month for 20k words
  • Boss Mode Plan offers everything in starter but offers a Blog post creator, long-form documents, and jasper ai assistant for as low as $59 per month for 50k words and $279 per month for 300k words

SEO Magnifier

seo magnifier paraphrasing tool


Seo Magnifier is an online free sentence rewriter provided by SEO Magnifier that allows you to quickly reword a sentence, paragraph, or even full essays. This tool keeps the text’s tone natural and provides high-quality information that the reader will enjoy. Phrase it in a way that keeps the information interesting while yet including your own personality.


  • Free web based tool
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Useful for students and short quick rewrites


  • Dated Interface
  • Lots of Ads
  • Rewrites sometimes do not come out the best


  • Free Tool


grammarly sentence rewriter


Grammarly is a browser extension or app that examines your grammar, spelling, plagiarism, and other aspects of your writing in real time on a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Word, WordPress, Facebook, and others.


  • Real-time grammar correction as you start to write content
  • Explanations on what is being changed
  • Customize the plugin to not work on certain sites
  • Simple to use


  • Does not work on everything
  • very limited free version
  • advertising aggressive campaigns


  • Monthly Subscription: $30 USD/month
  • Quarterly Subscription: $60 USD/three months (billed as one payment)
  • Annual Subscription: $144 USD/one year (billed as one payment)


outwrite sentence rewriter tool


Outwrite provides readers with a variety of sentence and article rewriting options. Sentences can be improved, expanded, or shortened. Additional vocabulary, aesthetic, and structural suggestions are also provided by the application.

Google Docs, Outlook, WordPress, Facebook, and LinkedIn are just a few of the platforms that Outwrite works well with. If you have a Chrome browser, you can also utilize the extension.


  • New users get a free 7-day Premium trial.
  • Connects to a variety of additional work platforms
  • Checks for plagiarism to ensure original content.
  • Makes grammatical and spelling suggestions
  • Provides sentence rewriting recommendations.
  • Chrome Browser Extension


  • No rewriting with the free plan, just spelling, and grammar corrections


  • First Free plan offers only spelling and grammar correction
  • Then the Pro plan is $9.95 per month and offers advanced features such as style improvements and plagarism checks
  • Lastly the Teams Plan is $7.95 per user per month


paraphraser.io tool


Paraphraser.io is a free online tool that help paraphrase any given content you provide. The paraphraser offers a very simple web interface that gives you the ability to paste your content directly on the site. You have the option to also upload content directly to the website.

The platform’s interface does not provide the ability to sign in or save any type of work you may be working on.


  • Available in 3 modes
  • Simple Web interface


  • Only 1000 words at once
  • To many ads
  • No ability to login to save work
  • Rewrites could be better


  • Online and free

Ginger Software

ginger software ai rewriter tool


This sentence rewriter is focused on using synonym substitution to rephrase sentences. Ginger will change a handful of synonyms for each sentence you enter in to provide alternate phrasing.

Ginger’s free plan allows for a certain number of generations, but the Premium plan allows for an unlimited number of generations. A grammar checker, extra synonyms, and translation services are also included.


  • Short texts are rewritten by substituting synonyms for words.
  • On the premium plan, it includes grammatical checks.
  • Allows for translation into 40 different languages


  • Provides no option for other methods of text lengthen or shortening
  • Rewriting using synonym-based can cause the rewrites to become choppy


  • There is an annual plan for $7.49 per month
  • Quarterly plan billed at $11.19 per month
  • A monthly plan billed at $13.99 per month


spinbot sentence rewriter tool


Spinbot allows you to change the length of your rewritten text by randomizing it, making it shorter or longer. You can alter the length of the generated text using the interactive sliding bar above the input text box to get it as near as possible to the length you want. More length is required to achieve specific standards, whereas in others, less is more.


  • API Access
  • Online webtool
  • 10k characters per spin which is about 1000 words


  • Web Only
  • no differences between pricing options for additional features


  • Month to Month option for $10 per month
  • Every 6 months option for $50
  • Yearly option for $75

Let a Sentence Rewriter help achieve your maximum potential

The rewriting tools on this list are for you if you’re having issues writing by yourself all the time. Wordbot, an online sentence rewriter, does more than just swap out synonyms. This tool uses the best GPT-3 AI on the market, which is why its a top pick on new users list.

Wordbot can extend, summarize, simplify, and improve your texts as needed by rethinking them. Try out the service to help your material reach its greatest potential – and to improve your writing skills. Register for Wordbot right now.

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