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There are numerous applications, websites, and tools that classify as paragraph rewriters, but few if any are professional paragraph rewriters. Most of the existing tools use dated technology and old AI. They take your content, swap in some synonyms, moved some existing words around, and call it a day. These tactics simply don’t cut it in 2022 for those doing serious rewriting – the kind often needed by professional bloggers, writers, journalists, and entrepreneurs.

Enter, a Professional Paragraph Rewriter is our text rewriting and summarizing website that launched in Fall 2021. The platform is attempting to professionalize the rewriting process by bringing a product to market that far exceeds existing tools. We aim to achieve this by offering the absolute best user experience, cutting edge, world-class artificial intelligence and the most simple, yet powerful set of features the paragraph rewriting market has ever seen. All at a price point that screams value. Let’s take a closer look at each of these items.

The Best User Experience

Generating Content

“Best” and “User Experience” are vague terms, so what do we mean when we say “the best user experience”. Wordbot is a website, or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). To provide the best user experience, we aim to keep wordbot very, very simple and easy to use. Many tools offer myriad options their customers don’t want. Many tools try to solve every problem, end up solving few, and are left with a bloated, complex, over-priced nightmare that does a better job of causing their users stress than adding to their productivity.

We’re not going to do that with our professional paragraph rewriter. We’re going to provide a clean, simple, easy-to-use website that is attractive and intuitive. We’re going to perform research, poll our users, and hold focus groups before we add a single feature. When adding features, we’re going to scrutinize their technical design and functionality to ensure they add as little complexity as possible to the user experience. We’re going to use abstraction to hide from you the many complex things that make our product great – you see an elementary product, so simple a child could use it, yet behind the scenes it is insanely smart, complex, and practical.

This is a professional paragraph rewriter. This is

Cutting Edge, World Class AI

Rewriting tools use AI

Wordbot currently uses the most advanced ai technology on the planet – Open AI’s GPT-3 transformer. The transformer uses deep machine learning and natural language processing to truly rewrite paragraphs. No synonym swapping. No word shuffling. Real, succinct rewrites that are often better than the original author’s. The transformer learns from its past paragraph rewrites, making it smarter with every rewritten sentence. 

Our text summarizer does not use the latest AI technology, but will soon. We currently use apis that are lacking and need improved. We’re going to transition the summarizing tool to use GPT-3 as well. We plan on designing prompts that will deliver exceptional text summaries and keyword extraction. 

As GPT-3 becomes antiquated, we’ll adopt the next wave of AI. Wordbot will continually utilize the latest in ai technology to stay ahead of the curve and again – be the best and only professional paragraph rewriter on the planet.

This is a professional paragraph rewriter. This is

Simple, Yet Powerful Feature Set

To be considered as a professional paragraph rewriter, you must offer the features that professionals need and want. We think we’ve done that with our file system and rich text editor, but that’s just the beginning. Wordbot doesn’t have many features yet, but that’s by design. We’re working on building our user list of professionals, gathering their input, and using it to drive future features. We don’t want to make assumptions and bloat the software with things professionals don’t want. We want to take our time, listen, and only put in the tool what is wanted and needed.

That is a professional paragraph rewriter. That is

At an Amazing Price Point

Folks, we’re going to blow it out of the water. We’re going to provide the world’s best and only professional paragraph rewriter, and do it for pennies on the dollar. That’s right, we’re going to bring a world class paragraph rewriting tool to market for $4 – $10 per month. Not a tool littered with ads and one junky text box. Not a tool that rewrites paragraphs and sounds like a 5 year child spoke it. Not a tool that receives no investment. Rather, a tool to rule them all.

This is a professional paragraph rewriter. This is

Experience Wordbot’s Professional Paragraph Rewriter Today

Wordbot as a professional paragraph rewriter tool is just getting started. We’re making huge investments to truly offer a rewriter that is worthy of content-creating professionals. If you’re not yet a customer, stay tuned, check back often, and consider signing up today to experience wordbot’s powerful paragraph rewriting tool risk free.

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