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In this blog post, we’re going to tell you about 10 features that help make the best article paraphrasing tool on the web. wordbot has myriad features and new ones being release weekly, but these 10 alone make the low monthly price worth it. Let’s dig in and see what all the hype is about. Without further delay, below are 10 awesome features that make wordbot the best article paraphrasing tool.

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#1 – The Best Article Paraphrasing Tool Has To Be Multilingual

The best article paraphrasing tool is multilingual supports 109 languages, including when writing AND paraphrasing your content. wordbot is truly a multilingual paraphrasing tool giving you total control which language you write in and which language you ask wordbot to write in. You can easily switch the language defaults in your Settings screen. Then, as needed you can override them in the Editor. Never let writing in a foreign tongue stand in your way again. Multilingualism is just one reason is becoming the best article paraphrasing tool.

#2- Different Types of Paraphrasing For Different Types of Users

All At Once – Article Spinning

best article paraphrasing tool article spinner

We listened to some user criticism and rebuilt wordbot’s paraphraser even better., thanks to some valuable insight from a user, offers multiple ways to paraphrase your content. Currently, two to be exact and these two are powerful. You can paste in your entire 4,000 word article, hit paraphrase, and wordbot will paraphrase the entire article in seconds. This is great for those looking to quickly convert existing articles into others a la article spinning. You can swap in your new keywords and hit the paraphrase button and boom you’re done in seconds!

Sentence By Sentence

best article paraphrasing tool sentence at a time approach

Or, if you are a writer working through some tough sentences or really want to spend some extra time to produce very high quality paraphrases, you can use our sentence-by-sentence paraphraser. This approach gives you many paraphrases for each sentence, allowing you to really work through the best paraphrases before continuing to the next sentence. Two very different ways to paraphrase is another reason is quickly becoming the best article paraphrasing tool.

#3- Realtime Word Stats

best article paraphrasing tool has realtime word stats.png

Simple but sweet. now shows in the top right of the editor the word stats for your work. Like all the major editors such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Google Docs, and WordPresss Gutenberg, you can even faster see the pages, paragraphs, word count, and character count of your articles. And when we say quicker, it really is. Those other tools hide away the stats forcing a click when you want to see them. Our editor shows the stats in real time as you type – it’s awesome! We might add a toggle in the Settings page in case some don’t want them always showing or find them distracting, but we haven’t added it yet. I don’t know that I would ever see myself hiding them to be honest. Real time word stats, you guessed it, are yet another reason is the best article paraphrasing tool.

#4 – SEO Keyword Freezing – Don’t Paraphrase My Keywords

best article paraphrasing tool can freeze seo keywords

The best article paraphrasing tool must offer the ability to freeze SEO keywords so they don’t get replaced during the paraphrasing process. Wordbot does just that with its slick Freeze Words option in the editor. You simply smash in your keywords and wordbot will do it’s best to not replace those words or phrases during the paraphrasing process. This is a huge win for those bloggers out there like myself that deal in large amounts of targeted marketing material and who can’t afford to use a tool that doesn’t respect their SEO keywords. Also, an added feature is that when you save your article in wordbot, the freeze words are saved along with it. When you come back months later to refresh your content, you don’t need to remember all over again which SEO keywords you targeted. This is definitely a reason is the best article paraphrasing tool.

#5 – Quick and Powerful SEO Keyword Swapping

best article paraphrasing tool can find and replace words

This might not sound like much, but it is. As a founder, I use to paraphrase my articles. I take articles I’ve written, use wordbot to rewrite them, and then swap in my new SEO keywords. The Word Swapping feature has saved me huge amounts of time when swapping in my SEO keywords. You simply lick the link in the editor, enter the keyword phrase you want to find and replace, enter the replacement phrase, and it tells you how many instances were found and will be replaced. Then, you can check the Freeze Replacement Phrase checkbox to automatically freeze your new SEO keywords so the paraphrasing process won’t replace them. Then click the Swap button and presto, your new SEO keywords have been inserted into the article and will NOT be replaced during the paraphrasing process. It’s an awesome time saving and SEO optimization feature and yet another reason is the best article paraphrasing tool!

#6 – Powerful AI Engine Drives The Best Article Paraphrasing Tool

Openai GPT 3 to Rewrite Sentences

This is the key to the car. The best article paraphrasing tool MUST have world class artificial intelligence that generates the paraphrases. By world class, we mean AI created and tested by the world’s greatest minds in the thousands. We mean AI that won’t go stale or become obsolete as the science moves at breakneck page. Wordbot’s AI is powered by an engine known as GPT3 and owned by a company renowned for AI, OpenAI. This company also got purchased by Microsoft. The engines we use as you can read for yourself are heavy hitters and absolutely world class. Our AI will stay bleeding edge and only get better from here, and it’s already pretty darn good! World class AI is definitely a reason is the best article paraphrasing tool.

#7 – The Best Article Paraphrasing Tool Must Have a Text Editor

best article paraphrasing tool must have a text editor

The best article paraphrasing tool has to have a great text editor. The core of our product is the text editor. Users can write directly in wordbot’s editor or simply use it to paraphrase their content for pasting into other editors. Either way, the editor is home base for paraphrasing and offers a simple, attractive space to do your paraphrasing. All from within the editor, you can see word stats, manage files, change language settings, import and export content, paraphrase in multiple ways, and summarize and extract keywords from articles. Wow, now that’s what we call a text editor! An editor that rivals Superman is definitely a reason is the world’s best article paraphrasing tool!

#8 – A Sneaky Good Text Summarizer

best article paraphrasing tool has a text summarizer

Many don’t know this, but one of the hidden treasures of wordbot is its article summarizer. It comes included with your subscription at no extra cost and is great for creating TLDR sections for your articles or for researching papers. We have one user that helped us improve it who uses it exclusively for research and loves it. It allows him to decipher large bodies of complex text in minutes instead of hours. Our summarizer is also capable of extracting keywords for competitor and article analysis. A summarizer in addition to paraphraser is another reason why is the best article paraphrasing tool.

#9 – Full Control Over What You Paraphrase

best article paraphrasing tool allows you to control what you paraphrase

When paraphrasing text, you’re in full control. You can automatically highlight the entire article, automatically highlight the current sentence, or manually highlight a paragraph, many paragraphs, or even a section of a sentence. You highlight what you want, click the Start Rewriting button, and wordbot will take it from there and paraphrase just that section. You can paraphrase as much or as little as you want with little no effort on your part. Just another reason is the best article paraphrasing tool.

#10 – Low Monthly Price, No Hassle Cancel

Simple and sweet – the best article paraphrasing tool must provide great value to price. wordbot does this with a low monthly price, yet many powerful features that even the largest competitors don’t have. Wordbot also excels in quality of paraphrases which is rare in today’s market which is filled with broken and poor quality paraphrasing. For the low monthly price, one-click cancel button, and backed by three founders who are passionate about the rewriting and AI space, wordbot is a steal from a value perspective.

Conclusion, We Are The Best Article Paraphrasing Tool

These are just 10 of the numerous features that make the best article paraphrasing tool on the market. With a 7-day free trial and low monthly cost, wordbot delivers quality that is rarely found at its price point. Check the site out today and up the game on paraphrasing your articles, sentences, paragraphs, essays and more.

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