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A lot of students are always wondering “How can I reword my essay?” Rewording your essay can sometimes be even more challenging than writing a new essay. Using AI we have developed a way to save you a lot of time as a student. That’s why our team designed Wordbot, a rewording tool for students. Wordbot has helped students from high school to college create unique writing pieces without too much time and effort. 

Rewording an essay with wordbot is as simple as pasting the initial text, pressing the paraphrase button, and enjoy the high-quality work in several moments. 

When writing you will also want to take into consideration some useful rewording tips in the article below. These are some tips I have used personally to reword my essays in college as well:

  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • How to reword my essay? 5 rewording steps
  • Polish up and review the Reworded Text
  • When to Cite References
  • Essay Reworder: 5 tips to improve proofreading 

How to Avoid Plagiarism with an Essay Reworder

Now you know a little bit about wordbot, lets discuss why it could be the perfect choice for you. Every student should have something like this in their arsenal of tools to get them through school. 

Academic work requires 100% originality according to integrity rules. It can be really tough to create a new paper though. When you write a research paper with plenty of citations and rewording, you may face even more issues. 

That is to say: 

Our tool Wordbot is an excellent guiding tool if you need to reword any content without losing its meaning. For more insights, explore the following sections. 

Reword an Essay to Avoid Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is unacceptable for any type of academic work. That’s right, carefully construct your thoughts while drawing information from the secondary sources. Students often find it difficult to reword in papers with numerous references. 

There are two main types of plagiarism – intentional and unintentional. If you have high academic performance as your goal, then you need to avoid plagiarism. Let’s discuss the two differences between the two and how to avoid them.

Intentional plagiarism is one of the offenses that may result in dismissal from the college. Make sure you’re not using someone else’s work as your own. It is unethical to take credit for someone else’s ideas without having listed them as sources. You are intentionally in violation of the rules. 

Most students find themselves intentionally plagiarizing when they are trying to get work done quicker or add filler to their paper. Taking the time to reword your essay and cite the sources can prevent that.

Despite the fact that sometimes students plagiarize unintentionally, there are times when they do so without intent. Students may forget to use proper punctuation marks to determine the quote. When you take notes and then insert them into the paper, it can happen. Or it may be difficult for students to reword the paragraph, so they don’t change the wording properly. 

Unintentionally plagiarizing does not provide a lesser penalty than intentionally because a professor or teacher may not see it the same way.

Even if you were able to prove that you plagiarized unintentionally it may be difficult to explain. Even then there is no 100% guarantee that you will not receive the same academic penalty. 

Therefore, when asking yourself how to reword my essay, you should use rewording tools and be as attentive as possible: changing the text does not guarantee that you don’t plagiarize. 

Rewording and Plagiarism: What’s the Difference? 

Rewording is considered plagiarism when you’re using the same patterns from the source text you are researching from. But are there situations when rewording does not violate terms when publishing work or submitting assignments in school. 

Paraphrasing does not count for plagiarism if: 

  • You give credit to the original author and use the appropriate writing style. 
  • The cited material is reworded enough that the sentence structure and words of choice different from the original text. 
  • When using a sentence from a source to make sure that you cite it as a quote. 
  • Try putting the text away once you’ve finished reading it to make your rewording differ from the original. Allow a few minutes to pass. Then, without checking the original, sit down and paraphrase it again. In your own words, you will effectively convey the concept. The following are simple but important rewriting phases that explain the process in further depth.

How Do I Reword My Essay? 5 Easy Steps for Every Student

Writing services can charge lots of money that every student may not have, right now can be used for an entire month for the price of a cup of coffee, along with a 7-day free trial. Lets look into 5 different ways to help improve your writing:

  1. If you read the paragraph several times, you will be able to grasp the author’s meaning. The material that is paraphrased should be accurate and objective. You will never be able to achieve this level of excellence without a thorough understanding of the source. Remember to think about your thoughts’ structure and flow. While rewording your essay, it is critical that you make changes.
  2. Make a list of the most crucial information when doing research. This recommendation is made for your convenience. Use these remarks as a framework when rewording later. It will help you to express yourself more freely while also lowering your chances of plagiarizing.
  3. Put the original paper aside and compose your summary using the notes as a guide. Follow your notes once more, just gazing up into the original for information. Keep in mind that the deeper you go into the material, the more inclined you will be to mimic the author’s style of writing. This way you can come up with a guideline from your own words.
  4. Then examine your text and make a comparison to the source text. Reword any sentences that appear to be too similar. For this, you can utilize a tool like Even yet, a computer software can overlook some details that a human eye would see. Going over your paper by hand reduces the risk of unintentional plagiarism. Include a reference to the source. Using the respective rules of the citation style, give credit to the author. 

But there is an easier way to paraphrase a text than doing it by hand. Use an essay tool like to save time and get high-quality reworded text without plagiarizing. It also offers a way to save files and work inside a great editor online. 

Polishing Your Essay 

Wordbot is an excellent online tool that will help a lot of students to reword their essays. It will help do most of the work for you. Yet, after using it, you still should proofread your essay by hand and using the 5 tools listed above. 

Why should I use Wordbot to reword my essay? See the following reasons: 

  • The tool is automatic. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is still not as developed as a human brain. So, there is a probability of some drawbacks, improperly chosen words, punctuation mistakes, etc. 
  • Some words may seem to be not appropriate for the context. To avoid any confusion, you should proofread the text. Pay attention to two problems: 
    • The synonym selected by the tool is not that precise. 
    • The tool confused the homographs or homonyms. Instead of selecting a synonym, it offers an antonym (or just an inappropriate alternative). 
  • Proofreading is essential for any writing. Before submitting the paper, you should always ensure its high quality. Thoroughly revise and proofread it so that your text is free of mistakes, coherent, and properly structured. All in all, never skip this step while working on an assignment. 

5 essential tips on proofreading your reworded essay. 

  • Before proofreading, take a break. Take a break when you’ve finished your essay and do something you enjoy. Reread your work carefully after your brain has been rejuvenated, and make any necessary corrections.
  • Recognize your flaws. Do you find it difficult to use punctuation marks in complex sentences? Or perhaps you’re aware that your writing becomes repetitive, uninteresting paragraphs that could be improved? When proofreading, pay special attention to your weak areas and strive to improve them.
  • Read the material aloud to check for errors. This approach will assist you in identifying repeats as well as in identifying nonsensical or weak sections. Another great option is to utilize our text-to-speech feature, which will read the content aloud to you.
  • Reverse the order of reading. Of course, we don’t advise reading each word from left to right – only phrases. Instead of focusing on the content, you can use this strategy to focus on spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. It might be beneficial for spotting and fixing minor mistakes.
  • Allow someone else to read your work. When you’re writing a paper, you already know what you’re going to say, so everything appears to be obvious. Request that someone read your paper and point out any wordy or unconcise sections.

In case you might be asking yourself why you should choose our rewriter tool, here are some valid reasons:

  • It’s completely intuitive. Don’t bother putting up any effort to receive a fresh text. You don’t have to make anything complicated using our rewording generator. Copy and paste the original text, then click a button to get high-quality content.
  • It is completely automated. How much time do you spend looking up words in a dictionary? It might be exhausting to try to replace a word or a phrase. There are no further steps required to use our essay rewriter. It is totally automated and searches a database of synonyms in seconds.
  • It has a 100% free 7 day trial that gives you access to all the features with no limits. “Register,” “buy a monthly subscription”, and get limited options on what you can do– annoying, right? That is why Wordbot does not require a ton of registration information to get you working as quick as possible.
  • It’s completely online. One of the most aggravating issues people face is a shortage of storage space. But don’t be concerned! Everything is done online by our essay rewriter. You no longer need to spend your memory space on several papers that have been downloaded.
  • It is really unique. Are you concerned about the issue of plagiarism? There’s no need to! The text will be absolutely unique if you use our essay rewording tool. You’ll also have more time to add something to the document, making it more unique.

Use our sentence rewriter and share it with the other students who need to rewrite their essays. By the this tool can be used for essays and more complicated academic assignments, such as a term paper or thesis.

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