How to Reword an Essay for School

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how to reword an essay for school using wordbot

How to Reword an Essay

Being a student may require writing many essays for various classes and topics. Many students find themselves wanting to use already written text. When looking to reword an essay some people will seek professional help to avoid plagiarism. With the improvements in AI, many students have found using tools like Wordbot to help deal with these tasks themselves.

Should You Reword an Essay?

The questions should be should you reword your essay, but why shouldn’t you. Let’s pretend like you reading this have a great essay that was written and you think it’s ready to be turned in. If you haven’t been through a couple revisions, then that’s where you can trip up on not rewording parts of your essay that can pertain plagiarized content. Let’s look at the top five reasons to rewrite an essay

Top 5 Reasons to Reword an Essay

  • Unclear Idea. Preparing your topic, gathering information and sources takes a lot of time and work. In the midst of that as you start to write, you find yourself trying to add as much information as possible. With the various sources and ideas, you gathered the essay can start to get unorganized. When somebody starts to read the essay, it will be hard to understand the main topic
  • Too many arguments. When students write an essay, they usually may be presenting an argument to the class or teacher. Complex essays can start to become difficult to understand which side you are on. When writing you may find yourself leaning on the fence as you start to talk about both sides in your writing style.
  • Becoming too emotionally attached. When writing essays on a topic that you are passionate about, the arguments can start to become subjective to how you feel. For example, some people believe that the earth is flat and if you believe that also, it may reflect in your writing too much. Using AI to help rewrite your essay can help prevent your paper from this level of subjection.
  • Inappropriate style. Everyone cannot be a great writer or speaker. Even though you may put a lot of effort into researching, you have to remember that your paper must be easy to understand. Most often, students use the wrong style, phrases, wrong abbreviations, etc. All these mistakes can ruin the overall impression of your paper.
  • Poor grammar and lots of Typos. Proper grammar ensures the readability of your essay. Even if you’re a great writer you may find yourself misspelling words and choosing the wrong prepositions. Knowing when to use the correct verbs, nouns and improving your typos can lead to a better reading experience.

All of the above are great reasons to reword your essay. There are many other reasons and approaches that will help you improve the readability of your essay, and we are going to consider them in more detail, below.

How to Improve Your Text

Now that we’ve figured out what are the main reasons to reword your essay, let’s consider the methods that will help you achieve those goals.

Changing the structure of your paragraphs

Some people may try and switch their paragraphs around but that may not work all the time. When moving text around you have to make sure you don’t change the context of your writing’s meaning. Taking elements from one paragraph and moving to another can help improve your argument

Improve the structure of your essay

Your essay may be a great idea to write about, but the current way it’s being presented may be hard to read. When writing an essay, it’s best to structure a good beginning, middle and end. This may seem hard but mapping out your structure before you start writing can help with just a couple notes jotted down on paper.

Preserver the context of your essay

When rewording your essay, one starting point would be to find synonyms for some of your words. When using synonyms, it’s important to keep the overall meaning of your essay in mind. Changing too many synonyms in your essay can skew the context. Also, certain synonyms may not fit in the natural language when reading it out loud.

If your essay’s structure is not good to begin with, rewording may not help much. At times it may just be a matter of changing one word in the paragraph or sentence. A lot of students are usually in situations where they have to write long term papers but are truly not the most experienced writers.

Proofreading Your Essay

Proofreading refers to fixing typos, punctuation mistakes, etc. When done correctly, your essay has a better chance of getting a better grade. Manual proofreading can be done in a couple of different ways. You can employ the aid of professional services or have somebody you know take a read of your essay to see if they can catch anything you may have missed.

These are some of the common methods that can help reword your essay. Although with advantages it can have some limitations. Some of these methods can be seen as manual but AI has been found to really improve and speed of the process it would take a human to complete. Let’s view some simple ways Wordbot has help students reword an essay for their class.

How Wordbot can Help Reword an Essay

Wordbot is powered by the best AI algorithm called GPT-3. As a student you don’t have to be experienced in AI to utilize this online tool. Here is an in-depth article on how wordbot can reword your paragraphs in less time it would take you to do it by yourself.

Wordbot has a wide range of great features for students to aid in writing essays from start to finish:

  • Great online text editor
  • Free Cloud Storage to store all your documents you are working on
  • The ability to Create folders for different subjects you may be working on
  • A summarizer to help summarize large research papers

When working with existing essays or creating new ones, Wordbot’s 7 day free trial can help get you started in no time.

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