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AI Article Spinning & Rewriting has come a long way since launching in the Fall 2021 and is well on its way to becoming the best paraphrasing website. We started literally with two boxes – one for pasting in text and summarizing text and one for pasting in text and paraphrasing it. Suffice to say, neither looked or worked very well. In fact, check out the below screenshots. 6 months and lots of sweat equity has definitely added some refinement. Here is what looked like when first unleashed on the word in Fall 2021.

The Best Paraphrasing Website - The original version
wordbot in Fall 2021

Still a long way to go, but looking much better in the Spring of 2022.

wordbot in early Spring 2022

We’re still very much an MVP website, but also very much an emerging website in the text paraphrasing and rewriting space. Our guiding light is to become the best paraphrasing website in the world. To achieve this, we’re listening to our users and grooming a backlog of features as requested by them. We then do monthly sprints and add the features to For an example of some of the recent features that have went into, you can visit our blog post titled the Best Sentence Rewriter Online. You can also see our official software release notes for March 2022.

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Features to Consider To Become The Best Paraphrasing Website

In this post, we’ll look at some of the longterm features planned to help wordbot become the best paraphrasing website. These are longterm items that will require a significant amount of development time, but we feel are important to our goal of becoming the best paraphrasing website.

Article Spinning / Mass Paraphrasing

Our sentence-by-sentence approach to paraphrasing is a great way to rewrite content. It offers superior rewriting and editing control and allows for easy navigation through large bodies of text. With that said, one of the few drawbacks is it’s a process. It takes time and thought to work through each sentence and it’s proposed paraphrases. For some, especially those looking to quickly rewrite entire articles, this can be a real disadvantage.

To alleviate this pain, wordbot also needs to offer mass-paraphrasing. The user should have the option to use the Sentence Popup and sentence-by-sentence approach OR mass-rewrite the entire body of text with the click of a button. 

It turns out, just last weekend we implemented mass-paraphrasing with the click of a button. You can now highlight the entire article, click a button, and paraphrase all text at once. The feature got put in before this article was finished, so this future feature is actually already a feature. 

Regarding spinning, by clicking the button multiple times, you can effectively spin the content and produce many rewrites in a matter of seconds. We’re still planning on adding a more robust and calculated spinning feature, but the new mass-paraphrasing process is so fast and easy, it makes for a great article spinner albeit not terribly sophisticated one.

SEO Optimizer

One of the things we want core to is SEO. As bloggers, online marketers, and website owners, we know the importance of SEO in regards to content creation, including rewriting. Because of its importance, we feel wordbot needs to shine at it. We already took a small step forward by adding the ability to freeze SEO keywords and terms, but want to do much more. 

In our backlog, but with no date yet, we plan to add a module in wordbot that will automatically optimize content as you rewrite it. It will analyze headings, keywords and phrases, keyword density, image attributes like titles and alt tags, internal and external links, and much more. 

If you’ve ever used WordPress and the Yoast SEO Plugin, this probably sounds familiar. We plan many of the same features, except with a twist. Yoast reviews SEO items and gives recommendations on how to fix them. We plan to do that, but also offer the ability to automatically optimize the content without you needing to.

This feature is a lot to chew on, so we’re not quite committed yet, but we continue to mull it over. Regardless of what the ultimate feature looks like, we definitely plan to intertwine SEO optimization into

The Best Paraphrasing Website Needs a Content Scheduler

The best paraphrasing website needs a content scheduler. We think so anyway. For many of our bloggers, online marketers, and website owners, paraphrasing is part of their content creation process. Many times, over and over, they’ll rewrite content to fresh it for republishing online. Also, when finished rewriting, many of them head from wordbot to WordPress and post their content. We would like to make that process easier by including a content scheduler in wordbot. 

We envision the content scheduler offering two primary features that save the rewriter lots of time. First, the user would be able to write, rewrite, and edit content. Then, from within wordbot, they can schedule their content for automatic posting to WordPress.  Second and more exciting, the user will be able to schedule automated rewrites. The user would load say 10 articles into wordbot, select all 10 to be rewritten, and then schedule each of the 10 to be automatically rewritten and optionally posted to WordPress all at one time. 

Content Creation

Via rewriting, already in a sense creates content. However, we’re considering expanding the rewriting process to content completion. Many of our competitors do this, so nothing ground breaking. We need to decide if this makes sense for wordbot and our users. If it does, we would add the ability to enter prompts, or small starter pieces of text. Then, using the starter text wordbot would create unique content, including entire articles. From there, the user would simply edit the content before publishing online.

Mailing List Plugins

For those that create content for mailing lists, this option is for you. We’re considering developing a number of plugins for mailing list software such as AWeber, Active Campaign, and Mailchimp. This backlog item is only in the brainstorming phase, but we do see value in being able to publish content into these tools directly from wordbot.

API Layer For Developers, SEO Software Platforms, and Businesses

We already have an API layer. It’s fully functioning and works great – our frontend actually uses it. However, we don’t have our API layer packaged for commercial use. What this means is we need to add a pricing mechanism, documentation portal, and delivery strategy. These things are coming and this backlog items is a top priority.

We’ve had several developers ask for this since launching last Fall. Our plan is to implement the missing components mentioned above and begin offering API access to wordbot’s powerful rewriting APIs. This will allows developers to leverage wordbot’s paraphrasing capabilities directly in their own projects. We don’t have a date on this one yet, but I would like to be offering our APIS to developers within the next three months.

SEO Software Integrations

We plan to build integrations with many of the most popular SEO packages like Search Engine Land, Moz, Backlinko, Ahrefs, SEMRrush, Bullseye, Search Engine Journal, Yoast, Neil Patel, and more. We also plan to build SEO optimization capabilities directly into wordbot, so finding the balance of what makes sense to integrate with and offer ourselves is one of our 2022 todos.

The Best Paraphrasing Website Needs to Offer Plugins

Allowing you to utilize wordbot’s superior rewriting AI across all channels you work in would be awesome. We love our website, but don’t want our users to be chained to it. They should be able to use wordbot’s rewriting engine in the Internet of Things (IoT). This means if our users use WordPress, they should be able to rewrite directly in WordPress Gutenberg. If they write in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs, they should be able to rewrite in those tools. Any website? No problem, rewrite content on any website using a Google Chrome plugin.

We believe plugins are a big part of becoming the best paraphrasing website and thus wordbot’s future. We’ll likely begin with a WordPress plugin because we know many of our users use it and believe its editor will continue to dominate online content publishing. From there, we’re open to any and all plugins that make our users’ lives easier.


Wordbot is still an MVP< but moving forward hat breakneck pace. We’re fixing bugs, improving our artificial intelligence (AI), and adding several features every month. If you’re not already a user but are considering it, stay tuned. As you read above, we have many exciting features coming to and are truly just getting started.

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